Friday , October 7 2022

Woman Sack Employee Accused of Rape – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV and Radio


The child was a former student at the elementary school where the woman was currently employed.

The applicant was charged with a violation of the Criminal Code, 299a, which was raped by children under the age of 14.

It was a family member who understood that the child received a series of sexually explicit messages.

The messages came from this school employee and the case was reported to the police by the child's police.

Police do not want to comment

She was arrested on November 1st and questioned by the police. He was not confined to the arrest and was released the next day after an investigation of the next day.

– There were no conditions of detention in the case. The police are unable to say more about the case and the current case, "says lawyer Fredrik Martin Soma, NRK.

She was unemployed after being indicted.

During the research, there was information indicating that the relationship between the teacher and the boy should be over time.

School management informed

The boy came home several times and they must have gone on tours together.

The NRK is in contact with the principal of the school who applied to the school principal.

School director Jørn Pedersen of Stavanger said that he was informed about the sentence, but also received little information from the police.

Em We learned that one of our employees was accused of rape, but we need to get a more general view of the situation.

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