Tuesday , October 4 2022

What is TPM: Why are Trusted Platform Module devices important?


Windows 11 has suddenly drawn attention to a little-known type of hardware, a device that could be the cornerstone of the new operating system’s success. Meet TPM.

The purpose of this small crypto processor is to protect data (related to companies or individuals). TPM, Trusted Platform Module, and it’s hardware that’s been around for over a decade, and it’s purely a relatively modest device in size – normally a small processor chip whose task is to protect the data of the device concerned.

Why TPM?

Given the prevalence of laptops and tablets, data protection is particularly important as such devices are more often misplaced or stolen.

Every lost laptop is a potential computer disaster, as such devices can often contain sensitive data – such as personnel information, financial data, or your secret plans to take over the world. This is what you prefer to keep to yourself.

This can be done with TPMs. Among other things, they can be used to generate and store encryption keys so that stray physical devices are not misused by unauthorized persons.

Close-up of a TPM module

Close-up of a TPM module (Image credit: Silent PC)

TPM in practice

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