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Uses popular games to kill and kill feminists – NRK Culture and Entertainment


The computer game "Red Dead Redemption 2" was highlighted by several media as one of the most anticipated games this year.

It seems to be one of the best-selling games ever, after the game company Rockstar started playing in October.

. Red Dead 2 gibi is a Western style action game that played in America in 1899 and depicts life in America in the transition to the modern age. Action takes place in an open game universe, and players have great freedom to solve tasks as they wish.

Demonstration for women's rights

A piece in the game, Arthur Morgan, was assigned to protect an illegal demonstration of women's rights against enraged opponents.

However, some players decide to do everything to give women, so-called suffrachets, protection.

After their launch, many players uploaded videos in Youtube, in which they played in the game, played wrongly and killed the right to vote.

In the most popular video, he cuts, binds and shoots the city before feminist casts a feminist player.

Red Dead Redemtion 2 Fighting for Women's Rights

The mission in the game is to maintain a demonstration fair for women's rights in the fictional city of Rhodes in Red Dead Redemtion 2.

Photo: Fotoğraf Fotoğraf Fotoğraf Fotoğraf

Deleted by Youtube

In this video there were more than 1.5 million images on Wednesday morning, but Youtube erased the video during this event.

The reason is an e-mail from the BBC that the English publisher wants to YouTube if the videos are broken by their directives. Quite quickly, eight out of ten of the ten most viewed videos on Youtube.

One of the accounts that published such a video had 473,000 followers, but was suspended because of the video.

– The rules of Youtub prohibit narrative violence, nudity, illegal activity and hate speech. It may be difficult to think of creative formats such as computer games, but if the content breaks and a line breaks, we'll take the measures it sees necessary, the spokesman for Youtube.

Red Dead Atonement 2

On this YouTube channel, the player shows his character as completely provocative and in the city he attracts a lawyer and kills him.

Photo: YouTube screenshot

– Finding the pleasure of seeing women killed dead

Most of the videos showing that feminists were beaten and killed were shocked. But Stine Bang Svensen, a sex researcher at the NTNU, has researched sexual harassment in computer games. He wasn't surprised.

Stine Bang Svendsen

Gender researcher Stine Bang Svendsen is concerned that many people think that it is fun to attack violence against women in the game.

Photo: ÖZEL

It's not new for me to enjoy watching someone kill women. Bang Svendsen says it's incredibly cool.

But the players don't think it's cool, they think it's funny, and they offer rough videos like humor.

He's worried that people think it's funny.

But serious seriousness under humor, Svendsen believes.

A I'm very concerned to see how much fun it is to attack violence against people, especially feminists. This game figure has a symbolic value as well as a lady.

The gender researcher believes that the actors have a responsibility to symbolic violence against women they contribute to producing.

"Those who say that it doesn't matter for real life, it doesn't matter because they say that them in real life. When you say you don't have any transfer value in real life, you're talking to the reverend.

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