Tuesday , July 27 2021

Three people injured in the front collision at Sandnes

Three people were injured, but consciously slammed a cab and a passenger car on the town of Sandnes on Tuesday night. Damage and cause unknown.

The police were informed about the accident on Highway 44 in the center of Sandnes in Rogaland in 3.37. According to the police, the passenger car ran into opposite areas and collided with a taxi. The passenger in the car had only a driver, the taxi had a passenger.

– All three were injured and were first looked after by health professionals. The amount of damage is currently unknown. There is a huge amount of material damage, and there is a suspicion that high speed is involved, ve says Victor Jensen, operations manager at the Southwest Police District of NTB.

Accident Jærveien / St. At the intersection of the Olavs Gate, right next to the town hall. The fire brigade also moved to help. Three people injured, Stavanger University Hospital 's ambulance was taken.

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