Wednesday , December 2 2020

The limit of 350 crowns will be removed from 2020 – E-commerce – Business

En Uninstalling is unbelievable, but we're uncomfortable with this change until 2020,, says Harald Andersen, Managing Director of E24 Commerce.

The budget agreement between KrF and government parties was presented in an hour after the planned one.

During the government's year-end budget talks, KrF-dealers Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Hans Fredrik Grøvan have asked for the removal of the free online trading system for goods up to 350 kroner.

According to KrF's own budget, in 2019, 750 million could provide more revenue for the NOK state.

In addition to 25 percent VAT for goods lower than 350 crowns, the buyer must pay a fee for customs clearance. For low value goods this may be more than the actual price of the product.

Virke Jubler

CEO Ivar Horneland Kristensen in a press release:

"Everything we want is to compete on equal terms, and we are pleased that the other sides of the KrF and budget negotiations understand this," he said.

– Abolishing the 350 kroner limit does not occur after a short time. 2018 has been a very difficult year for the trade sector – transformation, more sharp competition from international network companies, falling margins and an increasing number of bankruptcies. To cope with change, the sector must have the same framework conditions as its foreign competitors, Değişim he says.

Kristensen believes that this effect means that the Norwegian trade sector can compete equally with Alibaba, Wish and other foreign online companies.

"Equal competition is absolutely necessary in the retail sector to avoid the lost jobs in which 380,000 people work."

Introduced in 2015

Earlier Tuesday, VG wrote that the government wants to negotiate with KrF during the negotiations.

According to the information of the VG, it was proposed that the 2019 budget could be completely removed.

However, for technical reasons, the VG said that it could not be done since the new year. It is also difficult to predict a higher revenue for the treasury, since it is unclear whether e-commerce will fall when tax exemptions are eliminated and whether consumers will receive similar products with full VAT in Norwegian retail stores.

In 2015, the limit of 350 kroner was introduced. Last year, the Post received 15 million packages from China, worth less than about 100 kroner.

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