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A pair of jewels and jewelry, previously owned by Queen Marie Antoinette, were sold for $ 36 million, of which 300 million Norwegian kronor during the French Revolution.

More than 17 million kroner of the auction house.

The necklace is part of a queen's collection of ten items. Gjenstandane was not seen in public in two hundred years. Bourbon-Parma family with eigd jewelery.

Marie Antoinette Jewels

These jewels were sold at auction and more than 300 million crowns.

Photo: Richard Drew / AP

Queen Marie Antoinette, after the French Revolution in 1793, defeated by landslide, immorality and a number of other accusations, was arrested as a guillotine in Paris's Revolution Square.

Then he was 37 years old.

Marie Antoinette, later King XVI. Louis was an authoritative savings princess who married the prince. This was part of the alliance between France and Austria.

Impotence and luxury


Queen of France, portrait queen by Marie Antoinette.

Photo: AP

The alliance was not ruled by cork political or marital law. Louis had more health problems, and impotence must have been one of them.

It is understood that the queen spent her sorrows in one of the changing ways of her life. Ho did some great summaries of luxury skirts, shoes and jewelry.

Recent investigations doubted that Marie Antoinette might have a reputation, but there is no doubt that he was not well liked by the court and the French people.

A story that is particularly strong in its explanations.

It is said that Marie Antoinette was right about walking in the streets of Paris and claiming to be a revolution. In court, they asked what people were doing and said the answer was because it wasn't bread.

– Why can't they eat a cake if they don't have bread? The queen asked.

Marie Antoinette's Jewel.

There are 10 beautiful jewels belonging to Marie Antoinette in Geneva on Thursday.

Photo by Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

It is not certain that history is correct, probably not. Likewise, this is the quote that shaped his opinion.

Runaway Jewelry

There are also many jewelery jewelry for Marie Antoinette, inter alia a pair of diamond earrings. A beautiful diamond brooch, along with a diamond ring carved in the first MA, comes with a cover of her hair plus the hammer underneath.

Marie Antoinette managed to smuggle her most precious jewels to the family in Austerrike. But her husband Ludvig together with France to escape from them and their attempts to meet them failed.

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