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STAN LEE , MARVEL – The cartoonist Stan Lee is dead

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The cartoon legend Stan Lee died 95 years old, TMZ reported. The filmmaker is known for the many heroic figures in the Marvel universe.

LOS ANGELES (Nettavisen / NTB): Read his daughter confirmed the death of TMZ. He was 95 years old.

On Monday morning, an ambulance took Lee at his home in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, and took him to a hospital where he died. She fell ill a couple of times last year and, among other things, had pneumonia.

News on Lees Abandon now dominates the news image in the United States, as well as fires in California.

In addition to the other things in social media, it is flowing with tributes expressing gratitude for reading.

Stan Lee is an American cartoonist, scriptwriter and former editor of Marvel Comics. It is called the face of American cartoon culture.

Marvel Entrepreneur

Lee really took Stanley Martin Lieber and was born in New York in 1922. In 1961, Marvel began Marvel with The Fantastic Four for The Fantastic Four. Then, popular culture first followed by comic strips and then a wide variety of successes.

Stan Lee and comic book artist John Romita, in January 1976. (AP Photo / File)

Photo: AP / NTB scanpix

Among others, including one of Marvel's most famous characters, Spider-Man, Hulken, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four and X Men, along with Kirby and Steve Ditko.

"Perhaps the most important," said Sture Hegerfors, president of the Swedish Academy of Arts, in an effort to popularize the superhero genre.

As the most talented serial writer in Marvel, and later as the publisher of the company, Lee is seen as the architect behind modern comic books.

He rejuvenated the style of the 60s, with sophisticated stories, more adult dialogue, costumes and actions adapted to younger generations of generations that appreciated satire, science fiction, and even philosophy.

Stan Lee in the 2004 premiere of Spider Man 2. Photo: Matt Sayles / AP / NTB Scanpix

The strange mix of realism and imagination gave him millions of people. Success continued with the new films of the series.


Lee saw the series magazine as an art form and was very productive as a series of writers. Some predict that every decade offers ideas for a series of magazines.

– I've written too much that I don't have a general look. He wrote in hundreds or thousands, he said in an interview with the AP in 2006.

Lees Herter has a character different from the more virtuous characters in many other stories such as Supermann given by DC Comics, the rival of Marvel.

Four incredible battles with each other. Spider-Man was the owner of the superhero in his ego, Peter Parker's still facing problems – was unhappy with love, money and bran. An unintentional extraterrestrial creature, the Silver Surfer looked beyond human sorrow. Daredevil was blind and Iron Man was having heart problems.

BASIC: Stan Lee, along with his partner, launched Marvel in 1961.

PHOTO: Pa Photos / O & # 39; connor / NTB Scanpix

Known from Movies

Lee, in interviews, said that Peter Parker, the most important figure in school life alone, wrote ABC News.

Lee often starred in a sculpture and small role in Marvel films and was therefore a familiar face for his fans.

Ger The only thing bigger than the imagination was the heart, i said Bob Iger, the owner of Marvel's Walt Disney Company.

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