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Sørloth missed giant game against Tottenham


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20-year-old Juan Foyth, who had made two penalties in the league this past weekend, took the only goal of the match when Tottenham defeated Crystal Palace 1-0 in Premier League.

In the second Premier League match, Foyth reduced the game to the second half in the second half. He took the ball after Harry Kane rose to the highest level and led the ball to Luka Milivojevic's foot.

The contrast could not have been much greater in the league against Wolverhampton last weekend. Then Foyth scored a penalty shootout with two points, but the score ended with a score, but Spurs was before 3-0 and he managed to win victory on land.

More opportunities

On Saturday, Tottenham was in the top team in the first place and his guests returned after 30 minutes. However, the title set aside for the target.

Shortly thereafter, the Spurs once again scored a good goal. Milivojevic was careless in the middle and Kane shot a good shot from the distance. Courtard Wayne Hennessey stopped for a significant rescue and prevented the guests from taking the lead.

Just before the rest, Tottenham was in danger before the targets. Serge Aurier scored on the right. The ball exploded in front of the goal and ended with Lucas Moura, who reached the goal of Crystal Palace from five meters. At this point, the score in Selhurst Park was 0-0.

Even though both teams were at high speed due to heavy rainfall in London, it was still the first round of guests, compared to Tottenham.

Great Sørloth chance

After that, Crystal Palace had a chance when Tottenham's last chance had misjudged a mission. Hugo Lloris escaped from scratch and Tottenham has continued the pressure from the beginning. After 60 minutes, Kane put the ball in the net, and it was a bit closer to the ball.

After 69 minutes, Alexander Sørloth made a disastrous appearance. Again and again, Crystal Palace went looking for the match. The hosts raided, but Lloris in the Tottenham cage was responsible for a few good rescues.

During overtime, Sørloth was close to winning his first goal for Crystal Palace in the Premier League. Nordmann, left goalkeeper Lloris left the dream before leaving.

22-year-olds could settle in the landlords, but the match remained 1-0 to Tottenham.

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