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Simon Nitsche and Helene Spelling:


Professional dancer Helene Spilling (25) and sportscaster Simon Nitsche (29) had greeted each other before rumors of their first romance flared up around them. The duo are partners of this year’s season of “Skal vi danse” and have been impressed with both the dance and the acting on the field since its premiere.

In fact, they played together so well that she found more legs to walk on rumors of romance. However, they have made it clear to Dagbladet what the mood between them really is, which they are now.

Premiere: Simon Nitsche and Helene Spilling will dance together at this year’s «Skal vi danse» and when asked about dating, they answer it. Reporter: Celina Morken. Video: Steffen Pettersen / Red Carpet
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offer letter

Confronted with the Here and Now, the duo says they’re known for not necessarily having a relationship, but for dancing well together.

Despite a few rounds of romance rumors, fans are still trying their luck on the two of them.

Greeted by the cohabitant

Greeted by the cohabitant

– I don’t know how many messages I’m getting right now because I can’t bear to read them all. A lot of people just write: “Can we go on a date?”. But then there are those who make demands and say, “If you win, you owe me a coffee.” Helene tells the weekly magazine that it’s such a fun procedure.

RIGHT NOW: TV 2’s sports announcer, Simon Nitsche, is ready for “Skal vi danse”. Video: Red Carpet
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– Gives very little

Simon, for his part, says he did not receive a letter in the mail, but:

– The ones that come digitally are very nice. It’s nice that people take the time to write, but life is too busy for me right now. Therefore, I am not currently trying to find a “match”. I don’t have time for this, he says, and continues:

– And then I get a little information from such a message. I prefer to meet someone in a different way so I can see more energy and charisma. It’s the same with Tinder. Just to see a picture gives me a little too much information. I need to look the person in the eye.

- Never see me at

– Never see me at “Paradise Hotel”

– Always open to flirting

When Dagbladet met the duo at the beginning of the season, Simon said the duo had already become known.

– We speak the same language, Norwegian, he joked.

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Helene pointed out that they were both young and single before adding a sportscaster:

– I’m always open to flirting, in cha-cha – in dancing.

Since then, the two have been clear that they both work together professionally as dance partners.

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