Saturday , October 23 2021

Shock at ATM in the mall


From 4.20 to Thursday, the alarm went to Skjetten Nærsenter in Skedsmo, Akershus.

A car was thrown from two sets of sliding doors and entered the ATM at the center.

The perpetrators must have broken ATMs and include their contents before leaving the point in the same car used as a rambuck.

"We have seen at least three perpetrators in the surveillance video. We don't have an overview of the amount of value they've received yet," says Ronny Samulelsen, Operations Director at East Police District for TV 2.

The perpetrators were stuck in a silver Volvo 850, which is currently being searched.

– In addition to reviewing the surveillance video, we also started on-site inspections. Samuelsen says that if there are observations, we are very interested in clues.

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