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Now just around the corner: Here is the Tesla Model 3 in Norway

Tesla invited reservation holders and other interested parties to see Model 3 at the Tesla dealer in Skøyen, Oslo. There will be a car here for two weeks.

Next week, there will also be a car for the dealer in Bergen, and then, considering that the interest in Skecyen will be shown if the first car will be shown elsewhere, you will consider its interest in other parts of the country, says Tesla Communications Manager, or even Sandvold Roland. , Single .com.

The cars will also come to all Tesla European markets in the near future.

Timeline consists of

The rear wardrobe has a different design than other Tesla cars. This will lower the trunk, but it is a little deeper. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

However, the arrival of Model 3 in Norway does not bother changing anything regarding delivery time.

During the third quarter, shareholders, Tesla chief Elon Musk, said in January they were planning to begin production of cars "substantial amounts" for Europe and to start customer deliveries in February-March.

Roland says they never knew if he'd show a car for a test run before. The vehicle they show in Skøyen has American configuration, meaning that the internal SIM card is not functioning. It also has an American charger plug and therefore does not support the European Supercharger standard.

However, Tesla says they expect to open the vehicles that were booked before 2018.

They don't want to say anything about how many reservations they made in Norway. However, electric car associations have recently said to NRK that this figure is about 10,000, but it is a very conservative estimate, and the figure is higher.

The Model 3 has a distinctive front of a Tesla car after the Model S model lift in 2016. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

Good luggage space

A family tested was treated equally well in the trunk. It went well. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

Car otherwise to wait. The luggage room might surprise you a little. Today it's deeper than most of the other electric vehicles, but it's pretty low in return, making it a bit harder to stack.

Officially, the luggage space is indicated as 425 liters, but also includes a room under the luggage compartment and small "garbage" in front of the bonnet.

Nissan Leaf is more than 40 kWh (435 liters) and more than 100 liters from the Hyundai Kona (323 liters) and Volkswagen e-Golf (341 liters).

On his way to Skøyen, he was carrying a stroller to check if a family entered. The result was that it just went well.

The driving environment lacks almost unbelievably buttons and nodes. Here is the middle screen that takes into account almost all interactions. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

The air conditioning is controlled even from the front display. Both power and direction of fans. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

Tinkerless environment

The extremely minimalist design in the driving environment is quite remarkable. The car has no buttons other than the emergency flash behind the rearview mirror. Everything else is controlled from the 15-inch display in the center of the front control panel.

In the beginning I presumed it would probably require a little addiction, but it will actually be a habit. Nevertheless, it is advantageous that one third of the screen closest to the drive is reserved for the most important features.

The dashboard is also very low and the panoramic glass gives a good view of the driver's seat. However, severe ventilation of the X model is a good deal, because there is a beam between the windscreen and the glass roof, which forms an effective barrier.

The seats are good, although a small minus, otherwise the head restraints cannot be adjusted. Could be a problem if it is too long, but in return the leg room is very good.

These wheel wheels on the steering wheel control almost all functions in the car. Change the height of the steering wheel? Find the correct function on the screen and slide the wheel. How many of the similar settings work. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

The front leg is very good. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

The choice of glossy black plastic to the panel between the seats is also odd and as we usually know from Tesla.

It seemed to be extremely sensitive to oil and dirt, and it is not very nice, of course it should be said that this is always an extreme situation with many hands turning.

High Floor Behind

The floor on the floor has a very short distance from the seat to the floor in the rear seat. Especially if you have long legs, there may be a problem. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

A problem may also be that the rear seats are too small (or the floor is high if you want), leaving you almost unsupported on your thighs. This is because the battery is under the ground.

There is probably no problem for a trip to the store, but if four to five adults go on a long journey, sitting in the back can be a bit boring.

The square at the height of the rear seat is also somewhat questionable. Aftenposten's colleague Geir Amundsens (in pictures) reaches 190 centimeters, while the undersigned 183 centimeters of his body can stand upright without touching the ceiling.

Can hold straps and clothes

Like the S and X, Model 3 has a small luggage area under the hood. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen, Tekno

Tesla said nothing about the price, but if the constructor is to be activated before the new year, we're not too far away.

Nevertheless, it is likely to be quite easy to obtain a Model 3 from many other electric cars available on the market today.

Tesla produced more than 5,000 cars a week, while competitors such as Kia and Hyundai could not deliver a few thousand electric cars in Norway next year.

The exception is Nissan, which has the best-selling car of the year in Norway. According to

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