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MOSTAFA ABDELLAOUE , Stromsgodset – Moss with a new strike against Strømsgodset:

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Mustafa Abdellaoue did not start a single match in the first half of the season. He has now scored the last six goals of Strømsgodset.

MARIENLYST (Nettavisen): Six goals in the last three games. All goals, Strømsgodset & # 39; s last six goals scored.

On Sunday, two goals in 2-2 & # 39; s compromise against Lillestrøm followed Mustafa & # 39; Mos & # 39; It is the phase of Abdellaoue.

Targets came after a 30-year-old boy tried to gain confidence from the start this season. Mos did not launch a single series of matches for the dramas under Tor Ole Skullerud, who was the boss of Strømsgodset this June. In place of Bjørn Petter Ingebretsen, Abdellaoue made a slow start before making a permanent election in the autumn – Marcus Pedersen ended with a shoulder injury in October of the season.

Now he pays. It seems Mos Strømsgodset is the man he trusts in the pursuit of a refurbished elite race contract.

"When I start playing

However, the hero himself fails to hide a new small strike against the club after the incredible goalkeeper of the last encounters.

– You have won the last six goals of Strømsgods …

"Now I've played the last six games," Mos says before the newspaper, ready to complete the question.

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“Hard to score from the bench. When I start to play, it will be the target, it continues.

Talk to coach

Abdellaoue, in the semi-finals of the cup at the end of October, confessed that only after the hat trick against Lillestrøm, the season was dancing with roses.

: I've been heavy this year, 39 said Nettavisen.

Oyun I want to play more, but we've got 14 goals scored by Marcus Pederseon and of course it's hard to get more playing time.

Now he announced a meeting with "Bp" Ingebretsen regarding the club's status.

– Yeah, we chatted before. But it's up to the coaching team to take the team. At least I feel that I'm paying attention to the chance I have and want to play as much as I can. En

– What makes you so many goals?

"I'm playing in a good way by my team-mates and getting a martial training. It's important for a point. It gives self-esteem and gives self-esteem goals.

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– It's always been a goalkeeper.

Lillestrøm's routine midfielder Frode Kippe thinks he is an angry attacker against Abdellaoue. On Sunday, after recently wounded, with the Lillestrøm defense, Mosam learned that the army was in the glass.

"He was very effective against us. He's a clinical finisher and doesn't need much room for points. If he stays in a box for half a second, he puts it in. He was a keeper and always was," says Kippe.

RECYCLING: Frode Kippe and Lillestrøm once again realized the qualities of Mos Abdellaoue in Marienlyst's body on Sunday.

Fredrik Hagen
NTB scanpix

"What did you expect after Cupemien?"

– Yeah, we did. But he must be close enough to him. Once he can't take half a meter, someone must be in his body and take him out. If you don't, it will be dangerous.

God's trainer BP Ingebretsen, Mos & # 39; s recently passed the target transition, the last three games with an average of two goals shelves.

Olduğunda We know Moss is a very good football player, especially when there's one next to him. He did this now and then we see what's inside. Then he will score in the order, "says Strømsgodset coach.

In less than two weeks, Strømsgodset stressed that Moss is an important player in which he will try to save the elite serial contract against Nedderksrival Stabæk in Nadderud.

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– I can't see too many positives.

It is difficult to enjoy after the pole loss against the end of the match against Lillestrøm. Mustafa Abdellaoue accepts it. He said he realized that the entire Strømsgodset team did not reach their expectations this season.

– How do you live the mood in drammen this fall?

"It's been an incredibly heavy season," she says.

Im In the Vålerenga game (2-0 victory, red card), I felt a little bit back and we were fighting against Lillestrøm. We played well and found the rhythm and the like. Then we got a little heavy against Brann (1-3-tap, And I think that sometimes we're good at this fight against Lillestrøm, but when you lose points towards the end of the match, you don't see it in such a positive way.

But today and tomorrow will not be disappointed. That's why we should focus only on Stabæk in the next few weeks, "he concluded.

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