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Moss Newspaper – Families have to resort to credit card to buy sports equipment for children


Or Monitoring unhealthy equipment helps to raise costs. Every tenth parent went too far when they had to act on a loan to provide equipment to the children. Magne Gundersen, the consumer economist at Sparebank 1, says in the Journalist News Agency (ANB).

50.000 families with children

In the survey conducted by Respons Analysis on behalf of Sparebank 1, it is seen that the families of Norwegian children spend a lot of money on children's sports activities every year.

In organized sports, the annual consumption of children between the ages of 16 and 18 is approximately 17,000 NOK per child. Parents with children between the ages of 13 and 15 spend more than 15,000 crowns per child.

One out of ten people with children under 18 years of organized sports stated that they used credit to buy sports equipment for their children. In Norway, according to the latest data from the Norwegian Statistical Institute (SSB), there are approximately 600,000 families with children under 18 years of age. Based on this number, the majority have children in organized sports, and there is reason to believe that about 50,000 families with children should apply for credit.

– There's reason to worry. Children's rights have become very expensive, and there is no doubt that equipment constitutes a large part of the sport-related costs, Gundersen said, adding that six out of ten Norwegian grandparents and grandparents perceived a rig pressure at a children's event.

Requirements for professionalization

Professor Åse Strandbu at the sports college of Norway says the cost level and equipment pressures have become a problem for the sport movement. Previously, it is known that sports are widely recruited and not a very high award. Sports teams also reported that more families are fighting. Strandbu believes that large amounts of children's sporting activities are dependent on three factors each year.

"One of the Norwegians usually has a better economy. The prosperity level has improved, the other is that the parents are older than before. They think of sports as an education and commitment to the future. The third is professionalization. The sum of these conditions has become a challenge for the sport movement, says ANB.

According to the sports professor, he works to reduce the cost level.

Or Whether it's a sports movement, a local sports team, special federations, circuits or the Norwegian Sports Federation, it initially doesn't know exactly how to deal with the problem, “he says.

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Oslo, Norway 20160429.
Consumer Economist at Magne Gundersen, Sparebanken 1
Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Oslo, Norway 20160429.
Consumer Economist at Magne Gundersen, Sparebanken 1
Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Weekend exchange across the country

Magne Gundersen encourages parents to purchase used equipment for their children. The consumer economist is a simple step that helps improve the allocation of family funds.

Or Children grow faster than equipment and then it becomes unnecessary to buy new and expensive, “he says.

In Bjørndal IF, the exchange weekend in Oslo is scheduled for the third consecutive month in November. This month, about a hundred local clubs around the country will do the same.

"Our club has a responsibility to contribute to good attitudes and to bring children and their families together with the newest and best equipment requirements," said Endre Klungland, who is responsible for the club's change weekend.

Klungland speaks with bad advice and notices the pressure of the equipment in the body.

Ir The most important thing is to experience the joy and coping experience and the price, model or design is not important at all “. (ANB)

Facts about the survey

Response Analysis on behalf of Sparebank 1.

Number of exhibitors: 585

Key figures: Families with children under 18 spend on average:

  • 16-18 years: 16.688 dollars per year for children's sports activities
  • 13-15 years: Children annual sports 15,212 NOK for sports activities
  • Children aged 10-12 years: 11.115 kr
  • 7-9 years: 8,889 dollars per year for children's sports activities
  • 4-6 years: 6.474 kr each year in children's sports activities

Credit to buy sports equipment for children (credit cards, consumer loans, etc.)

  • Age 16-18: 9 percent
  • 13-15 years: 17 percent
  • 10-12 years: 14 percent
  • 7-9 years: 9 percent
  • 4-6 years: 7 percent

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