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– If you have too much metabolism, most people don't notice anything. At the other end of the scale, a person can be completely destroyed and even in a coma. Ar Rolf Jorde, who is a professor at the Arctic University of Arctic University, Norway.

She was an expert in a death trial for going to the Senja District Court on Monday and Tuesday. A 22-year-old woman, Lenvik, was accused of murdering a 84-year-old woman in Troms. Brutally, the victim was not recognized after the murder.

Rolf World

ATTENTION: Rolf Jorde told the court that metabolic diseases can cause psychosis.

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"This is a violence that goes beyond what is necessary to kill someone," says prosecutor Hugo Henstein, after the hearing to NRK.

Most of the abuse took place while the victim was still alive. Female defender Ulf Hansen said the case in the closing procedure was one of the most outrageous murders for the court.

When the young woman came to the psychiatric hospital after the murder, she had been called di extremely low metabolism ede in court.

Metabolic disease center

Debt case was resolved before trial. Also, the 22-year-old was psychotic at the time of the murder.

Two experts, legal psychiatrist Michael Setsaas and Knut Waterloo, told the court that psychosis stemmed from a metabolic disorder in which the accused was diagnosed in 2010.

Chief physician Per Olav Rørvik also testified in court and believed that the metabolic disorder helped trigger the woman's psychoses, but that other conditions in the woman's disease history could be recorded.

Extremely rare

Ulf Hansen, lawyer

RESPONSIBILITIES: The defendant 22-year-old defender Ulf Hansen believes that the killings in Lenvik are among the ugliest before Senja tingrett.

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Professor Rolf Jordes' statement to the court addresses both the evaluations of the defendants and the general answers to how metabolic diseases can affect people's mental health. This is the last thing he's talking to NRK.

It may lead to psychological problems and excessive consequences on the low metabolism-related questions of the NRC, and responds to psychosis as follows:

– The answer is yes, because most of the mental symptoms come back when you are treated. In extremely rare cases where psychosis develops, we can see that psychosis returns when treatment is given.

The world emphasizes that it is extremely rare. She had a few patients with such low metabolism and psychosis.

– It's not hard anymore. In the old days before treatment, it was significantly more common for low metabolism. Then the metabolism was lower and lower and eventually died. He says that most of the victims have serious mental problems.

The event killed Lenvik

ESTATE: Police prevented 84-year-old Gudrun Thomassen from being found dead. At the scene, a 21-year-old woman was found waiting for a few hours because of police threats.

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He had extremely low metabolism

The killings in Lenvik took place on November 20 last year – the woman met in court a year ago. He even audited and explained the entire proceedings. He seemed very afraid and feared. She was divided on her own and others' explanations and cried:

Bir Without the psychologist, there was no danger to anyone, “he said.

At the age of 22, she stopped taking the drugs before the onset of psychotic treatment. He called for alternative therapies. Among other things, he visited the Gudrun Thomassen murders to kill again and again.

"She was an incredibly good person," the woman cried on the couch in court.

On the day of his death, he had strong psychosis, and among other things, he jeopardized people with a knife in the closest family. They called the police, but the police disappeared when she arrived at the woman's house.

Even the accused woman believes that Gudrun Thomassen is looking for help, but that this psychosis has finally occurred. Among other things, she was a 84-year-old witch.

Forced mental health protection

She got out of a psychosis two months after the murder. Last year, he was treated in the UNN in Tromsø, in psychiatric hospitals, and made great progress. However, witnesses from the hospital could have said they were both capable of cooperation and threatened with employees.

The procedures at the hearing took less than half an hour. Both the prosecutor and the defendant's defendant and the lawyer's lawyer agreed that the woman should be sentenced to compulsory mental health care. First of all, the actor Hugo Henstein told NRK to protect the society:

An We think that social protection here is subject to a regime for its control and that it provides future treatment.

Eddy Kjær, Secretary General of the Article Exchange Federation

TAUS: Eddy Kjær, Secretary General of the Exchange Federation.

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UN Secretary-General Olav Rørvik said she thinks she will be able to take her to the court three to four years before she was given medical treatment. After that you can be free.

No data available

The unity of the metabolism does not want to comment on the incident, and it justifies the fact that the case refers to a specific example, the murder in Lenvik.

"Unfortunately we don't want to comment on this issue," Secretary General Eddy Kjær says.

In addition, he does not want to state that he usually knows psychological illnesses or cases of metabolic diseases that cause psychosis.

Rolf Jorde, today the treatment of metabolic diseases is so good that there is no data on how widespread it is to develop low metabolic psychosis.

"Today, most people are quickly diagnosed and treated very efficiently. If you follow the recommended treatment, you will not experience mental or other problems.


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