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– Mentally drained – VG

MAY JOY: Nora Mørk and Katrine Lunde won league gold with the Vipers last year, but the Olympics were a setback.

Handball star Nora Mørk (30) took extra leave from the club after the Olympics. She was mentally discharged after the games and went to Denmark to spend time with her boyfriend and friends.

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– I’m just tired. “My body is absolutely fine, but I was mentally discharged after coming home from the Olympics, really,” Nora Mørk tells VG.

Sitting in the player bus on the way to an away game against the Vipers against Follo. It’s already the third league game of the season, but only the second for Dark.

The 30-year-old made his first game of the season and went on vacation to Denmark to spend time with his girlfriend Jerry Tollbring and former teammate Henny Reistad, among others.

The club chose to give Mørk an extra vacation after a tough Olympics. It ended in tears and losses for Russia in the semi-finals:

Norway finally took the bronze medal after their victory over Sweden in the bronze final.

– What makes you so discharged?

– I just think there was too much thought about what happened. We didn’t have much time to go through a process, just the bronze spade and then straight home and we had some time. “I got it a little bit,” says Mørk, and maybe it stuck with me a little longer when I got home.

There were rumors on Danish handball websites that Mørk was on a club hunt in Denmark while on vacation. He denies that it is to VG.

TEARS: Nora Mørk is consoled by Marit Malm Frafjord after losing to Russia in the semi-finals at the Olympics.

– It was nice to take some time off. I was on top of people all summer and was told when to eat, where to come and what to wear all the time. That’s why it was so nice to spend a few extra days and be a little alone, says Mørk.

– Now that you’re a little far away: did you manage to enjoy the bronze or are you still most concerned about the semi-final against Russia?

– I think it’s a process. I think this is something everyone should go through and I may not have asked for it that much. But you have to feel everything to go on, Mørk replies, and continues:

– I think there’s a lot to do with the Olympics being postponed, and it’s something I’ve been waiting for for five years. And in five years there has been a lot of trouble. and i was working naked before. And then it was done. Suddenly the season started. Then it got a little tricky to readjust. So I needed some time to work on my path.

Mørk has clarified several times over the fact that the Olympics are the big goal while battling after several long periods of injury.

After losing to Russia, disappointment was great when Mørk met the press after the match, and the 30-year-old was critical of the refereeing pair, among other things. He’s received criticism from several experts for this, but he says it’s not something he cares about.

– Definitely not. I spent very little energy on this. I just think it’s about taking that time and getting it done. For many, this is a huge goal. And about a quarter of an hour later, a new season begins. It came a bit suddenly, says Mørk.

Now there are “only” three years until the Olympics in Paris. Mørk says he plans to be there himself.

– My body is absolutely fine, so I definitely bet. As long as my body is beautiful, I want to play handball at a high level. It will certainly come quickly, but it’s been known for a long time now, Mørk says.

BACK: Nora Mørk cheers for scoring goal in bronze final against Sweden.

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