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Lord debris: – Of course, difficult


Landscape Director Thorir Hergeirsson selected 16 to represent Norway during the European Championships in France. There will be 12 championships in a row for Norway without Camilla Herrem.

"On the coach team, Sanna Solberg and Thea Mørk are better equipped than the championship Camilla Herrem. It's also hard to remove a player like Camilla who has been loyal and solid for many years, Hergeirsson
TV 2 & # 39;

. He worked hard and did everything right, and he's come a long way in four months after birth, so he's a substitute for the championship, and he follows up.

Camilla Herrem does not hide his disappointment after the wreck.

"Of course it's hard and I can't do anything about it. This means a lot to me and everyone who can join the national team, so it's hard to get posts. I'm glad I tried my best for the last four months," he said.

– You think that's true?

– I'm not the one to answer. I did my best. Thorir thinks this is true and then they respect the decision.

The last time Lord was devastated from the national team hit the Beijing Olympics.

– Be stronger
Herrem, after the withdrawal of the draw became clear.

"This year it didn't work for me, but I'm incredibly proud of what I get in a few months. I have a nice boy on June 7th, I'm almost proud of the good fight you've been taken to the European Championship. It's been 4 months of hard work. and I'm happy to say that I did everything 100 percent as I could, so no one can resist me. Never have fun when you reach your destination, but only a few times. I'll be back, wait and see. I wish any luck at the European Championships. It will be exciting. "

I understand Hergeirsson's decision. Four months are hard times, but I think Herrem did a great job, he says after the retirement of TV 2's handball expert Randi Gustad.

Sulfur returned to heat
There was much excitement about both Camilla Herrem and Thea Mørk's left-wing role. Now it is understood that Thea Mørk took it.
the square in front of it.

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