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Kanye West: – – Wants to move to London after divorce

Recently, a series of speculation about the seven-year marriage between Kim Kardashian (40) and Kanye West (43) made headlines in the press.

Parents of North (7), Saint (5), Chicago (3) and Psalm (1,5), the duo are said to have spent a lot of time apart for a long time, and some claim that divorce is just around the corner. corner.

- He knows it's over

– He knows it’s over

While Kanye stays at the Wyoming farm, the reality star spends time with the kids in Los Angeles. The first one should not have a plan to return to the family.

– He doesn’t seem like he’s planning to move to Los Angeles right away, at least not full time, but Kim thinks it’s okay. A source told Hollywood Life last week that she has a great helping apparatus around that makes Kim comfortable.

DIVORCE: The past six months have been tough for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, now it looks like she could go for a divorce. And Kim’s last photo on Instagram sparked rumors.
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A new start

But now, it may seem like the father of four is planning to move. The Mirror writes specifically for Europe.

– Kanye said he saw his coming in London after the divorce is complete, a source says on his website and adds:

– He wants to expand its Sunday’s service to Europe and believes the British capital could be a good base.

The Mirror also writes that Kanye wanted to get a fresh start and looked at several different homes when he visited London in October.

The detail in the picture draws attention

The detail in the picture draws attention

Over the past year, there have been many signs and speculation that the profiled couple’s marriage was not just a dance of roses.

The two apparently had a rough year last year, when their sensational Twitter statements were combined with a controversial election campaign – both from Kanye – taking up a lot of space.

Rumors of trouble in heaven really gained momentum when Kanye collapsed at an election campaign meeting in the state of South Carolina in July last year. There, the 43-year-old revealed that she and Kim’s daughter North were considering an abortion while she was pregnant.

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This way, Norwegians can save 4.25 billion NOK in interest costs.

“I almost killed my daughter,” Kanye said from the scene.

“Christmas was heavy”

Soon after, the father of four went crazy on Twitter. There, among other things, she named her mother-in-law Kris Jenner (65) “Kris Jong-un”, in clear reference to North Korea’s greatest leader Kim Jong-un. In addition, the artist wrote that he wanted a divorce from Kim.

Both Christmas and New Year, it looks like Kim was supposed to celebrate without her husband. At least she doesn’t look at the many Instagram photos shared.

December was a tough month for Kim. He lived apart from Kanye. A source said last week that being positive at Christmas is particularly difficult.

The real star had to do his best for the kids. The public source claimed that the reason why the 40-year-old did not apply for divorce was children.

– Obviously sad. He feels he’s doing everything he can to make the marriage work. The source said that although he had been considering divorce for several months, he did not apply for the children because he felt bad.

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