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Jemtland 's Camerati: – Hundreds of thousands were offered to remove the dead body


FUNNET: Janne Jemtland was found dead on 13 January in Glomma.
FUNNET: Janne Jemtland was found dead on 13 January in Glomma. Photo: Jørgen Braastad / VG


A man in HAMAR (VG) 40 had to be offered several hundred thousand kroners to help Svein Jemtland hide his dead wife's body. On Thursday, the Hedmark district court explains.

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– Svein Jemtland said: Now you have to help me, I have a "body" and a gun, says on Thursday at the Hedmark district court.

Jemtland will be meeting with Jemtland in Brumunddal on 29 December last year, after waiting for Jemtland to immediately ask a meeting for help. Jemtland had to ask her not to bring it over for a meeting.


About smelling Jemtland's son: – It sounded like someone had been shot

Night Son: – It sounded like someone was shot.

This evening they met in a school in Brumunddal, and the man says that Jemtland seems helpless and stressed. The murdered 47-year-old should have told his friend in the chest that he has a dead body and needs help getting rid of it.

"You can get 100, you can get 200, and you can win a favor later, which you can't say no, Jemtland will offer her a comeback, and your comrade will clarify that this is a thousand times."

Desperate man

Adam says Jemtland isn't telling who died in the car, but he never mentions in his mind that it could be Janne Jemtland. The man explained that the 47-year-old should tell the body that the body should be lifted m before the men have been told anything.

”I was completely thinking about the other men, cycling, MC men,“ he said.

He tells Jemtland that the dead person must have been thrown somewhere in the water.

– I perceived him to be a helpless man. You have always seen him as calm, peaceful and relaxed. Unlike the one I met there, there was a man in complete chaos, explaining the man.


Info: Janne Jemtland had several broken ribs

The 40-year-old man was imprisoned on 31 January, two weeks after Svein Jemtland was charged with the arrest and murder of a woman. He is accused of making false statements.

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The police at this time believed that the comrade had misunderstood the circumstances of the trial in two investigations following the arrest of Svein Jemtland on 12 January. They didn't go to jail.

Ğ I saw you coming, hik says the man and says that Jemtland told the story he had first accepted.

The case against the man was later abandoned.

Borrowed Jemtland Trolley

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So Jemtland appeared in court.

– You see that there's a body and a gun in the car, how was that? The actor asks Iris Storås.

– Traumatic. I think I got a little shocked by myself.

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He says he won't help to take his body out, but the two still agree that Svein Jemtland should borrow a car that day. They also agree that if they meet at the Brumunddal fire brigade – and from school – they will accept someone as they wish.

The borrowed car believes the police should move his body closer to the day after being shot by Janne Jemtland – according to his own account – to get rid of his body. Blood from the mother of the babies was detected in both this and in the couple's car.

– I don't know who's New Year's Eve?

A few days after the meeting, the man told her that she had gone back to the car and that it was like it had been used.

– I was just crazy. I opened it on a silver sheet or passenger seat, and I walked in. Otherwise, I didn't react to what you looked like.

When Janne Jemtland was officially named New Year's Day 2017, Comrade knew that he should be in the car.

– Then what did you do? Under the actor Iris Storås.

– No, I didn't do much.

– Have you thought about going to the police?

– I felt it was impossible to get out. I thought there might be other people willing to join in that time. It felt like a loose thread, so I just wanted to go. Then I was a little paranoid, he says.

Ida Andenæs, an advocate of Jemtland, wonders if the man's case against the police was dropped.

– You made statements about serious acts and you talk about criminal responsibility. Now the case has been brought against you. Did you talk to the police about this?

"No," he answers.

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