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"I spend a lot of time and money on this car


Volvo youth car number one – but this is not like everyone …

In the "Bilen Min" column, readers have the opportunity to give some information about themselves or their cars and give some information about their vehicle interests.

There is little doubt that Volvo is the number one youth car. This has been since the time of Volvo PV, Amazon, 140, 240, 740 and so on. Continue with.

Although Kongsberg's Kjell-Tomas is also a favorite of Volvo, it has made a slightly different and exceptional choice for Volvo. Since 1988, he has taken a lot of time and money to a Volvo 360 GL. In his opinion, it is a car that we think draws much attention to a vehicle.

But he definitely didn't plan on giving up. In the current dream, squeeze a turbo engine between the differences. It's an exciting project we want to meet.

The Volvo 360 is getting a little unusual car. Photo: Private.

You can find more information about both Kjell-Tomas, the car and what it does here:


Brand, model: Volvo 360 GL 1988

How much time do you have? Since 2016

What did you do with him? Front and rear brakes, four-wheel drive front suspension, 19 mm, transmission crankshaft, up to 24 mm, with original power steering, front and rear lowered, adjustable dampers front and rear, soundproofing all vehicle interior, 2 branch pipes With 5-inch exhaust system, converted into electric fan, various body sections and polished paints are mounted.

There is no doubt that the 30-year-old Volvo has undergone a little change when looking at the pictures before and after. Photo: Private.

Per from Volvo, many speed bumps stopped

Like a car: Retro look of 80's and wheels. And they started very rarely, and they began to draw too much attention. And the original Volvo 2.0-liter engine doesn't have any French stuff here!

At least next to the car: Body sign "Made in Netherlands" on the sign …

Best experience by car: When I drive Kongsbergknekken in 2018, it's a senior race!

Future plans for the car: The plan is being rebuilt and approved by a turbo engine from the Volvo 940, but never hesitating to get the approval of the Norwegian Public Road Administration, so we'll see what it's all about.

The plan is to replace this engine with a turbo engine from 940. Photo: Private.

dreams: I think the Nissan GTR 2017 model should be a thinner sound in the car.

Others: The vehicle was imported from Sweden in Östersund for 16 hours in total. He has not been exiled for the last 8 years due to the death penalty. The car was completely rust-free, but far below that, Østersund was told that it was salt-free but used heated sand in the winter. Maybe Norway should learn some of it?

Golf with "butt" – it's a little forgotten youth car


Ordinary: Kjell-Tomas Østby

age: I'm 27 years old.

Location: Buskerud, Kongsberg.

A little about myself: He is a bit middle vehicle enthusiast and spends a lot of time and money in a car.

This looks like a 360 inside. Photo: Private.

There are almost no cars left in Norway now

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