Thursday , August 11 2022

He warmed up in Flesland this morning, but he's hotter


It was 16.4 degrees in Flesland from 0700 to 0800. This station has been monitoring the weather since 1955 and did not measure higher temperatures in November.

In Florida, the record is still 17.9 degrees from 2011, but it may be raining on Wednesday.

Meteorological Meteorological Meteorologist Meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid, "We expect to have a temperature between 17 and 18 degrees in the morning and afternoon."

There were very high temperatures up to 16.9 in Florida tonight, but the wind was slightly cooler as the wind shifted north-northwest. According to Fagerlid, the wind direction will again be southeast, which means that the temperature will rise again rapidly.

"Today will be a very good day," says Fagerlid.


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