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Good luck with home win in the best match


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The long-term program on Monday introduces Eliteseriefotball from Åråsen, with Lillestrøm putting Bodø / Glimt in a very important battle in the base war. In the Premier League there is a breakthrough between Huddersfield and Fulham, and in Spain, Espanyol is in second place if La Liga wins the match against the Athletic Liga. There are four matches in Allsvenskan in Sweden and two matches in Superettan. Sivert Heltne Nilsen and Horsens met Vejle in the Danish super league Monday match. And then a real match between Hamburger SV and FC Köln in the 2nd Bundesliga. There are five games in the NHL until Tuesday.

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Hamburger – FC Cologne H 2.50 (20.25 at play stop)

1. Moving from the Bundesliga is usually the best players to try to lose to the larger clubs, but what is not the case for Hamburg SV nor FC Cologne. In Cologne, national team player Jonas Hector and goalkeeper Timo Horn rejected some of the biggest clubs in Europe and decided to make at least one season to bring Cologne back to the 1st Bundesliga. .

FC Cologne, the first attempt to return to the 1st Bundesliga showed. They are ranked second with 21 points. A series that they played more than the first. Pauli and Mats Møller Dæhli are one point behind.

Hamburger SV collected 21 points in the eleventh series. The difference between the highlights of FC Cologne and Hamburger SV before Monday night's match.

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Hamburger SV shows a good shape. In the last five games in the 2. Bundesliga, they are undefeated, two matches won and three matches are a draw. At the end of last week they had a 1-0 victory over Magdeburg. It's the fifth time they've managed to get zero in the last seven games. They had eleven goals in the first eleven games. In the second Bundesliga, the second is the second defense team, only Union Berlin has scored fewer goals than ever.

Last week, Hamburger SV went to Wehen in the German Cup after winning 3-0 on the road to Wiesbaden. It was a good overall test before FC Cologne against the best match.

The only thing that is interesting is the home statistics of the Hamburegr SV. They lost only two games this season and both losses were the second largest city in Germany. Both games have lost big. Kiel lost 0-3 against Cholera and Jahn went worse against Regensburg. This match lost 0-5.

Hamburger SV did not show a very convincing game in the last home games. In the last three games, they actually stand without victory. They draw together in the last two matches against Pauli and Bochum. In this match, the home must be clear without the Scottish striker David Bates.

FC Cologne has had a draw last week. They stand out in the last three matches in the 2. Bundesliga. After leaving for an amazing loss against the Duisburg battlefield, they have continued to disappoint fans for the last few weeks. In the last two games they played 1-1 against Holstein Kiel and Heidenheim. Last week they smoked in the German Cup after losing a penalty against the first Bundesliga club Scahlke 04.

Anyway: FC Cologne is the biggest promotion favorite of the 2. Bundesliga and has performed really well this season. So far he has not been defeated in five games in a row. The faculty has four wins and one draw.

They have also won only two of the last six matches against the Hamburger SV. This is a great game in the 2. Bundesliga. Both teams chase the promotion. Hamburger SV has shown a slightly better form in recent weeks than FC Cologne. It will close and even battle. There's so little that separates the teams.

However, Hamburger SV has to hand over to their home to fight for promotion, and they cannot disappoint the organ home team again and again. This is the best match, quite open, but according to Hamburger SV at 2.50 '' lik, I think the host is the most interesting.

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