Tuesday , July 27 2021

Get 60 percent of the rooms in Molde

For a number of years, Moldes, with a capacity of 165 rooms, operated Hotel Quality Alexandra, the second-largest hotel in Petter A. Stordalen's hotel chain.

It's over since January of next year. Then the Royal Copenhagen contender took over the operation of the hotel. Scandic, the largest hotel in Moldova, has 224 rooms from Scandic Seilet & # 39; s. Thus, the Scandic has 389 rooms in the Molde. More than 60 percent of all hotel rooms in the city.

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Alexandro, the great owners including Pandoks, Christian Ringnes and his brother Helene and Christian Sundt.

In a press statement on Friday, Scandic writes that the hotel, which dates back to 1885, has been partially renewed in 2015 and 2016 and that the parties have agreed to renew the rest of the hotel.

For Nordic Choice, this means that the chain is not a hotel in Molde.

– We didn't accept the terms of a new contract when it was finished. We would like to offer our guests in Molde, but it may take some time. Now, the Scandic will have 60 percent of the market, so I think everyone will be offered a little more competitive in Molde, said Nordic Choice CEO Torgeir Silseth.(Terms)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our suppliers. We want you to share your business using a link that directs our pages directly to our pages. Reproduction or use of any or all of the content in any other manner may be made only by written permission or as permitted by law. Please see here for more terms.

This is the first time for sale

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