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Four years ago, Fabiano Caruana shocked the chess world:


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St. Louis, September 3, 2014: Tı It amazes me, Se said Yaser Seirawan, the US Ambassador in the television studio. Then she shook her head to get her attention. He spoke about Fabiano Caruana, who achieved his seventh victory in the Sinquefield Cup, marketed as an the most powerful tournament of the time “. Seirawan wasn't alone. Strong performance shook the entire chess world.

Finally, Caruana finished the tournament with seven wins and three remissions. A star was born.

Victory series, over the years passed the dominant Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen's longest winning series in a tournament is six. In 2015, Tata Steel took part in chess.

Until September 2014, Caruana slowly established himself as a player around the world, but certainly. But he could, nobody believed.

. It was one billion successes for me. Bun Caruana told me that when she met Aftenposten earlier this year, it was as incomprehensible as it was.

– She has a special condition.

Even then, chess enthusiasts began to imagine. About a World Cup between Caruana and Magnus Carlsen.

These days the dream encountered in London.

Ard Caruana won a special status when he won seven consecutive parties in St. Louis, ışık said Atle Green of the Aftenposten.

"Magnus, who has the highest rating, is one of its competitors. Caruanas maksnivå says you're closest to Magnus.

He realized that he took the success wrong

Simu Agdestein said the following during the championship tournament in Berlin in March when Caruana supported the World Cup:

"It can make it big. It's transformed from big heights into big mistakes."

There are great expectations about what Caruana can do during the World Cup in London. But the editor at, Mike Klein, emphasizes one thing: Caruana never returned to the "Sinquefield Cup 2014 level".

– The chess world is coming to the top of the mountain very quickly. And we did. No one had ever seen anything near. Caruana didn't get close to him in the Sinquefield Cup or any other tournament – so. No one can blame her because it was an incredible success, says Klein, who followed Caruana in London on the World Cup.

– I started fighting.

Even Caruana believes it has a negative impact on the results of success in 2014. Over the next few years he delivered very uneven.

"I think I have a lot of self-respect. I thought I could win every party, I imitated Caruana.

He had an unattainable ideal for himself. Expectations increased. Caruana has so far realized that success is wrong.

– I'm starting to fight. I had a period with bad results. It was an up and down period.

However, it went up and up in 2018. In return, Caruana, Nominee Tournament, Grenke Chess and Norwegian Chess – won tournaments all around the world.

The American also launched the World Cup with two reminders of two matches against Magnus Carlsen. However we stayed on the party of ten. The first one is played at 16 Norway time.

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