Sunday , May 22 2022

Firda – Lothepus wins polish award


Norsk Målungdom writes in a press release Friday night. The award was given to the Norwegian Theater on Friday, November 16.

In gratitude, Lothe was glad to have written on a television show.

– He's getting thicker, my own hands. But next time they're texting, messages should be in Norwegian! said Lothe.

Text in TV

– Leif Einar Lothe uses dialect dialects from the village's explosion missions to the famous gala in the city. Fredrik Hope, a Norwegian painter, said that when he won the award, he brought young Polish youth with dialectical permanence and pride.

He also argues that the dialectical use of Lothepus has been challenged. In Farmen's reputation, he was the only participant to be condemned.

"The media often underestimates the cows, and the Norwegians understand different dialects, and show that traditional dialects, such as strengthening the dialect, could be subjected to the pressure of normalization," he said.

Driving for Youth

Keyfi He is luckier in everything Lothepus does than he is, and his linguistic self-esteem is particularly enjoyable for young people in the region. He said that someone could come from the village and be able to strike within the framework of the national and dialectic and be proud of it. "

The solder award was awarded for the first gong in 2001 and was hosted by the National Board of Norway Målingdomdom every year. It is the only language award for language-based young people who contribute to being the most prestigious. Early winners will find names like P3Morgen, Linda Eide and Daniel Kvammen.

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