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Avisa Nordland – This is the least politically correct image you can buy


(Nettavisen 🙂 Test: Mercedes G63 AMG

Good thing

Deli in every way far better than his predecessor

A power surplus you almost scared

One of the best off-roaders on the market

Upper class interior

A car with a very special character

Bad thing

Still not a sophisticated car

The sound system in our test vehicle was worse than we were used to by Mercedes.

Rear seat does not affect

Closing the doors always needs more power than you think, so you should almost always try twice.

This cruel

It's impossible to defend with reason

In 1990, there was a significantly upgraded version of the Mercedes G-class, called Geländewagen, which was based on a car that was usually launched in 1979.

This is why Mercedes is now a major turning point when it is officially launched as the second generation of one of the most iconic vehicles on the road.

Of course, you have to look a little to see where image changes in place. The new G-Class looks like the car it replaces. It still looks like a box wheel.

But almost everything is new. Car is longer than 5 cm, wider than 12 centimeters and slightly higher. And the interior, more than the previous generation, raised a lot of notches. It now relies heavily on the same interior as the one you can find in the E-Class – and the weight is also significantly reduced.

The only thing that can really be noticed is an incredible rebellion when you close the car doors. There is no "soft shut-off" here and you should use rough force to properly shut down fools.

Much better to drive

Running the previous generation G-Class was what he loved or hated. I must be honest to say that I have no admirers: it was an old off-road vehicle. The steering sound was immediately prominent, the steering wheel was always rotating much longer than naturally felt, and the base was not showing its best side on the normal road.

The new generation is something completely different. Most importantly, the steering noise has become much better and you don't have to feel the need to close the submarine door on every turn.

The high-space cars still have a very high car, but the driving characteristics are just another world. It's no use to describe them, like day and night. You're driving a big SUV, not an old truck.

Sound insulation in a completely different category than before.

It is not said to be sophisticated, because it is not in any way. We're still talking about a well-rounded vehicle in the corners, and there's little that needs to be done to fix the worst foolishness on the road.

But on the other hand: there are many other cars on the market that separate these three from the road – if you wish.

Totally absurd motorization

Our test vehicle is the stern version: AMG pressure with a 4-liter biturbo V8 engine.

This is the same as the GLC 63S, but the G63 engine offers 585 horsepower and a torque of 850 Nm.

It is impossible to emphasize enough how absurd it feels. Because the car is significantly better than its predecessor, it sits high, you have a lot of weight – and the weight is very high. 0-100 is applied to the paper in 4.5 seconds. We believe that.

When kicking, otherwise, it tries to sew all the forces on the floor, leading to a relatively good soundproof car. It still draws speed in a car that looks 30 years old.

Keep in mind that when poisoning takes you, speed cannot be picked up at full speed: you can keep it fast enough.

Once upon a time we said that Mini Cooper was like a wild fly. G63 is not like that. Looks like an angry nose throat attacking.

The result is to get to appear as a model X game, sitting with a very impressive off-roader with an impetus from the world of wild sports cars. And then all topped up with a rather luxurious interieur.

You can find the political wrong ones

The G63 will be nothing but a car that you're fond of, so crazy, superfluous, overwhelming, cruel and frantic that he brings some kind of urine for you.

There is also a car that is as politically as possible. Be sure to sit down with a representative of the environmental movement and convince him / her that it actually is. need This car uses around two liters per mile in normal use.

This cannot be done. However, you can quickly forget your understanding of ignorance when you are riding on an ecological, vegan, recycled bike – your ears are full of the most beautiful V8 sound that only AMG can produce. Of course, the Burmester sound system does its best to illuminate the sound wall.

Of course, you're doing this in an unfavorable sitting position because the child seat occupies some space in the backrests – honesty is too small for this purpose.

The rear seat is pretty good for most people, but if you have large child seats, you usually need to have too much room on the front seats.

It inspires the new generation

In connection with the childcare tests, I took my 3-year-old daughter to the garage where the noise of the engine was heard.

Sport mode is on. Down the window. The Gas Inn.

– More father! More!

A little later, we came back to the same place with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine that made a much more sensible car.

– Bring a little daddy. Bruce Joomla!

Clearly he remembered what was happening on the G63, so I tried to recreate the moment. Down the window. Inn with sport mode. The Gas Inn.

– It doesn't bother me, Dad. Very boring.

It's kind of sad to think you're gonna grow up in the world of electric motors.

On the other hand, paying $ 2.5 million for this car is out of reach today. Fresh air is a good alternative.

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