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Avisa Nordland – Now diesel car is more valuable than electric car

Who would have thought of that!

(Broom ūüôā Electric car is the big winner – while losing diesel cars. This has been proven fact in the Norwegian car market in recent years.

While electric cars in the new car market are receiving large market shares, "only" diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles are losing much sales.

However, the situation in the used market is not certain. Here, the situation of electric cars has changed drastically over the last year. Suddenly a diesel car can get a more attractive and better price than a similar electric car.

This week, DNB organized its annual auto conference DnB Mobility. One of the speakers was Roar √ėverby at the rental company Autolease. The car market now specializes in values ‚Äč‚Äčand risk taking and is responsible for about 30,000 cars.

– Nobody believed that.

Among other things, he gave a very concrete example: the three-year-old VW Golf, one electric and one diesel engine. In fact, the diesel version used now is the most attractive in the market.

"Many people didn't think a three-year-old diesel Golf was more valuable than e-Golf," according to the industry website

√ėverby, in the last three years, three-year used Golf ads, electric electric and diesel engine used ads showed that the ads.

Extremely negative price trends

– Today, you make more money for a three-year-old diesel Golf than e-Golf. Who would have thought that three years ago? Then the diesel was predicted, down north and down.

Instead, while most electric cars went in the opposite direction, many diesel cars appeared to maintain good value:

According to BilNytt, "e-Golf, Nissan Leaf and similar models have experienced an extremely negative price trend in the last six months, not at least six months." Said.

e-Golf was very successful in the Norwegian market. But as a used car, it's not as attractive as it used to be.

Properly braked

This is mainly about what we call the first generation electric car. They have limited access compared to their latest competitors, and now there are some technologies that are starting to look a bit old fashioned.

Just a few years ago, some of them had long waiting lists. In addition, they went as far as hot wheat bread in the used market. But then it really slowed down.

Atle Falch Tuverud, chief editor of BilNytt, was present at DnB Mobility. I wasn't surprised by what appeared here:

– Harden

– No, we've recorded this trend for a while. When new, there may be a significant price difference in three year old cars that have approximately the same retail price. Today there are a few examples where diesel Bay is worth more than 20,000 NOK. Of course, this also has to do with how simple vehicles are available in the used market of various powertrain. Changes in the market show how difficult it is now to set values ‚Äč‚Äčfor professional players. Then, of course, it's even harder for private people to buy or sell a car, says Falch Tuverud in BilNytt.

– What do you think about future developments?

– Of course, hard to predict, but most show that first-generation electric cars will be difficult in the coming years. There are many on the market, and demands will probably fall further, when cars go further and are not particularly expensive. It will also be interesting to follow the development of diesel vehicles further. Therefore, we see that many of them perform very well in the used market. To conclude from this Atle Falch Tuverud, this is probably uncertain for many years.

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