Thursday , May 19 2022

Apple Headed for Red Day at Wall Street


Arrows pointed out on Wednesday at Wall Street that consumer prices in the US came as expected.

The figures from US officials showed that consumer prices increased by 0.3 percent in October compared to September. While the index increased by 2.5 percent compared to the previous year, the core inflation was 2.1.

The stock market believes that the sales pressure started in early October. If investors do not understand what is behind the sale and what they are launching, you are reluctant to buy. Investment strategy in SlateStone Wealth Robert Pavlik told CNBC that the downward pressure did not have so many investors, especially the volatility and sales pressure.

Moreover, the British government chose to support the draft brexite agreement.

– The government decided to continue the draft agreement. May, the Prime Minister said, would make a brief statement to the press outside the House Wednesday night, an important step that will allow us to continue and finalize the agreement in the coming days.

The Pound fell before the announcement made in London, and was only traded at 1.2897 a snail hour before being reported to the press in May. The Wednesday night's pound stands at $ 1,3003 against the dollar.

Dow Jones down 0.81 percent to 25.080.50 points.

6 of 30 stocks in the index rose.

Chemical industry company dowdupont was the winner of the world famous series today.

According to the quarterly report released in early November, the company showed solid growth in the third quarter. Turnover increased by 32 percent compared to the previous year.

The stock invested 0.89 percent.

We find the insurance giant at the top of the missing list. Travelers. The company's market value fell by 2.97 percent.

The S & P 500 dropped 0.76 percent to 2.701.58.

Financial stocks lost open on Wall Street on Wednesday.

Although consumer prices have reached an consensus of analysts, there were more and more players in the market with strong business numbers and more recently believing that prices for a tight labor market were higher. Interest rates reacted to fall, and Fed chairman Jerome Powell now seems to have control inflation. The upside risk on the US interest rate path was not higher than today's important figures.

In addition, Maxine Walters, representative of the Democrats in the United States, said the Trump Administration's struggle to reduce regulatory pressure in the US banking sector is now facing strong colleagues at home. The Republicans lost the majority in the House of Representatives in the early November after the US, and only the laws and regulations require the hearing to pass through politics among the Democrats in Trump House.

Goldman Sachs 1,28 percent ended.

Citigroup dropped 2.89 percent.

JPMorgan on the one hand retired 2.97 percent Bank of America lost 1.91 percent of market value.

General Electric had a bad day in the stock market and ended at 3.14 percent.

The composition of Nasdaq closed the day at 0.90% to 7.36.39 points.

apple Big lost and fell 2.82 percent in stock.

AMD The winners were among the winners and the highly volatile stock increased by 6.12 percent.

Tesla Market value increased by 1.56 percent on Wednesday.

Facebook We also had a good day and went against the market. Share share increased by 1.45 percent.

Microsoft fell by 1.42 percent.

Netflix percent fell by 2.61 percent.

Other interesting stocks, such as oil-related companies Transocean and Baker Hughes. The first decade was 1.48 percent oil prices, the second retired at 2.73 percent in total. Exxon Mobile fell by 0.74 percent.

Two shares of cannabis Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth Company on the stock market suffered a troubled day and fell 8.06 percent and 11.07 percent respectively.

The VIX index increased by 6.14 percent to 21.25 points.

Gold price rose by 0.83 percent to 1.211.30 per ounce.

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