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About smelling Jemtland's son: – It sounded like someone had been shot


SHUT HOME: Janne Jemtland was wounded with a fatal blow on the property for the couple's night until December 29th. Her husband is charged with killing her.
SHUT HOME: Janne Jemtland was wounded with a fatal blow on the property for the couple's night until December 29th. Her husband is charged with killing her. Photo: Average, Tore / NTB scanpix


HAMAR TINGHUS (VG) Shortly after Janne and Svein Jemtland returned home from a party, the boy heard a loud smell of a crowd and fire.

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On January 16, four days after Svein Jemtland was arrested and killed, his eldest son in Saraj received his second interrogation in the Children's House.

The reason for the interrogation was that his son told him that he had given him a new piece of information which he had not given on 2 January at the first hearing.

He says he now perceives his father as killing his mother on December 29th. This must have been his brother the next day.

Both hearings were played by the Hamar court on Wednesday.

I received early information

Already at the first hearing, the police found that Janne Jemtland gave the police very detailed information about what the couple saw and heard of the couple's sons a few days after the night until 29 December.

It would have been ten days ago. Svein Jemtland arrested and charged with the murder of his wife.

Bulmak At this point you missed a lady and find the focal point of the police, Janne Jemtland. Then I'm doing a lot of research, and I think this is a proof of good police work.

His son said that because he was on the second floor of this detached house this evening, between 02 and 03, Janne Jemtland in the front seat and Svein Jemtland in the backseat came to a taxi yard.


Info: Janne Jemtland had several broken ribs

– If someone was shot

He says that he thinks the parents went upstairs to the bedroom and he heard an explosion and that the danger fell to the ground. He hears your mother tell him his father was too full to sleep with him.

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Then the father would go and take a shower. I heard my mom say, "Let me do it, or both of us," she says, she heard someone bump down the stairs.

Janne Jemtland should scream, and her son frightened someone was hurt.

Later, he heard parents talking downstairs on the first floor before moving outdoors. Then he heard a big explosion before it became silent.

"It sounded like someone was hit by the stock market or someone was shot," his son said.

Heard mooring on the stairs

He must have heard someone joke and draw the outside stairs. The father then tells his son to take a shower and her son says that he thinks he is the mother like the box. However, she thinks she appears to be the opposite of a mother who will flock in the middle of the night.

He says he's wearing his clothes to go down and see what happens. On the way, he must have met the father who had stepped out of the stairs, be outfit, and ask what happened. Then he asks to go to bed.

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In the experiment: a shaky description


Svein Jemtland: – Did you hear anything?

It was surprisingly fast to appease me, he told his son who was even more skeptical of what it was.

Sveint Jemtland should have said that her mother had first settled, but said that her son wasn't sure that her mother was lying in bed while she was looking into the room. Just saw a duvet on the floor and a duvet in the bed.

State attorney Iris Storås said his son's statement was very important to the prosecution.

– The son made a statement that he had seen, heard and lived. Storms – in our opinion – are present at the camp when it happens, so it is understood to be the center of knowledge, says Storås.

He must have asked her to lie.

At the second hearing, the boy said he believed his father might have killed his son, Janne Jemtland.

"Do you really think I can kill a mother," his son said.

Jemtland told his son that he had fallen down the stairs and had never heard any odor.

His son said that his father should have told him that he had seen her mother in his bed that night and had to get out of jail. He said to his son, "Aren't you going to lose me?" He must've asked.

Even though he is confused, he trusts him because he says that he is the father.

In the direct question of the trial held on 16 January, my son said he believed the danger was taking place.

«Simple, light white liar»

Svein Jemtland. His explanation told us a lot about how he was relating to his two sons. after the mother was shot.

Jemtland himself later explained that he served his two sons. "Simple, light white liar" About where your mother went. He said he taught them first. He also spoke about his mood with his son.

"I have announced that fireworks," Jemtland said on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Storas believes that Jemtland has affected how his son will explain it to the police in interrogation by telling him what to tell. 47-year-old denies the gap.


Jemtland explained: no evidence, a car loaned and hid the body

Ğ It's true that I impressed him, but I didn't say what to say. I thought I saw him in bed that night.

Jemtland's advocate Christian Flemmen Johansen points to VG, explaining that his son has seen nothing.

Or He gave an idea of ​​what could happen because he heard the sounds, “he says.

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