Thursday , June 30 2022

Twilight 2019 is a possibility races for Auckland SuperSprint


Pukekohe next year's picture hosted the twilight races: Daniel Kalisz

As Supercars evaluates the format options for its annual travel to New Zealand, the Twilight races can be included in ITM Auckland SuperSprint in 2019.

Next season, we'll see the competition making a new slot in the championship calendar with a trip to Tasman from November to September.

The decision to switch from air and sea transportation to sea transport to New Zealand forced it to take action to provide a longer period of time before and after the meeting to reach the destinations.

ITM Auckland SuperSprint's move to September sees the race avoiding the Rugby World Cup final, scheduled for November 2nd.

While happy with the current SuperSprint format, Supercars is looking for the possibility of twilight races to be held before the daylight program starts, which can put pressure on planning.

The championship will discuss the Twilight concept with the Pukekohe owners Counties Racing Club (CRC) and the possibility of racing under the spotlights.

Twilight races were held at the Australian Grand Prix in March this year.

A final decision on formats is expected to be made before the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 season finale at the end of this month.

This year, Auckland SuperSprint performed two 70-rounds.

Sean Seamer, Supercars CEO, said to & We'll look for next year, obviously not saving daylight.

Uz Twilight will do a talk around, but basically the format is happy with it.

Iz We'll have to talk about the CRC (Counties Racing Club) and the lighting people here, but we'll see what we can and what we can do from here.

”At the next Commission meeting, we will make the final decisions about the formats just before Newcastle.“

The concerns over the weather in September came up when Supercars released the 2019 program, but Seamer did not worry about the weather window that the incident would accept next year.

Eler If you look at rain days and the rain of millimeters is almost the same as September, October or November, it's actually a bit worse in October, so you never know what's going to happen in New Zealand in terms of weather. Seamer added.

”You can be here in January and you're down to the tail of these tropical cyclones, so it's largely the same between September, October and November.“

This year's ITM Auckland SuperSprint brought together a 110,000 fans for three days.

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