Friday , August 12 2022

This year's Victoria's Secret Show models' natural and very real & # 39; have hair


In New York City, the highly anticipated lingerie extravaganza was filmed in New York to be released in December, and Anthony Turner, a hair stylist, revealed that each of the girls involved would be sports styles that complement their distinctive faces.

Turner told PEOPLE, "I think this hair is the most balding ever made and the most we received it. We wanted to feel very natural and very realistic. Instead, we play with each girl's own hair texture and make them better versions."

Turner wanted to change the style to ”celebrate” the ”individuality“ model by “dressing in the podium Tur.

He added: "Listen, when I see the cast." I think you have the most amazing models you've ever had – let's embrace it with your hair. "So we keep the girls the way they are and celebrate them as individuals."

Tuner, 22-year-old model walking on the runway Cheyenne Carty, "bomb umbrella" rather than to protect the natural appearance of the source revealed.

He said: "Chey Carty was in the form of a beautiful curls and I put it out and do extension, and instead of doing va-va voom, because it's keeping it exactly as it looks. It's under the umbrella of the bomb.

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