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Suspiria (2018) review: stunning, ugly and overblown remake

Luca Guadagnino Suspiria (2018) A lot of movies. The fear of Dario Argento's iconic 1970s takes two and a half hours (about a hundred minutes from the original watches). The working time is heavily filled with the atmosphere, the artistic cinematography and the ugly horror series.

The bones of the parcel are very similar to the original. Dancer Susie (Dakota Johnson) moved to Europe to attend a prestigious ballet school. The atmosphere at the school came to disturb; A student disappeared and left during the night. Susie was immediately hit by the witches who ruled the school, and head instructor Madam Blanc (Tilda Swinton) had to start preparing for Susie to attend a ritual.

This is new Suspiria There's a lot for that. It is divided into sixteen thousand acts (okay, six and one epilog). A movie that sits with you after days. It takes a long time, but it also feels full.

Guadagnino and screenwriter David Kajganich re-established the dance school as cannily in Berlin, but preserved the 1977 original. At this time, the bump in Berlin (only twenty-two years after World War II and with a wall dividing Berlin for more than a decade) allows the film to coincide with the modern political climate. Both stretched border crossings and a gloomy partition wall feature. Political references do not end there, because the film has a MeToo movement in the blood (especially in a couple of brutally charged dialogues).

At that time, however, as an audiovisual experience, it allows you to interact with something hypnotic. Assembly of a series of nightmares. Suspiria (2018) presents the most effective moments. These odd visual collages, set to Thom Yorke's great tension wrap score, are getting more and more intense and ultimately reaching a level that can be overwhelming. The film culminates with a spectacular array of visually and naturally. It was rude and uncomfortable. The film has come down to an inner level, making it feel like Argento has caught some of the soul of the original.

Fans of the original Suspri to Probably the reconstruction of Guadagnino from the promotional materials did not have the same vivid coloration, he said. Indeed, this new usage uses a faded palette of worn orange and green color. However, it turns out that Guadagnino and the cinematographer, Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, do not look at less than beautiful photography, because with me, Suspiria (2018) is a great movie to look at.

Built against gray German landscapes, the school is a great-looking venue, and its spacious halls and studios with mirrors are a great barrier to this treacherous witchcraft fear.

And, in fact, you will find that you will find more vibrant coloring if you stick with the film.

Then there is a melodrama, another element of the original found in the reconstruction. Moments of melodrama and even some dizziness only contribute to the disturbing feeling that Guardagnino has reached.

Suspiria (2018) is a sensitivity study. Even the performances were fully measured. Two center turns are both excellent and significantly restricted. Tilda Swinton's Madame Blanc has a balanced and impressive chemistry, while a shared matriarch and Dakota Johnson's Susie's drowned and awestruck. Elsewhere, the witches' cosmic arena provides a more anarchic presence, and Eva Goth is smart as a rebellious, chain-smoking Sara.

All this and more compliments Suspiria (2018), the film is full of defects. Some unconvincing CGIs have several interesting ideas that aren't working when it's rendered visually (such as with Susie and Olga) when there's a series of slow dialogues that occur when the runtime is already punished. We're really curious to see that it's really nice to have a little more of a film and scenario.

2018 was a year of incredible genre films; Shape of Water, Quiet Place and hereditary. Suspiria (2018) just stands shy. There's too much for that. At one point, we swore Suspiria (1977) re-do and just before Tear Mom. We hope Luca Guadagnino remakes hell next and six and a half hours.

Suspiria (2018) is ambitious, ridiculous and intelligent. This is a bold remake and a worthy pursuit.

Suspiria On Friday, in selected UK cinemas.

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