Wednesday , November 25 2020

Roar! Live in the gift items of the wild kingdom holiday

This photo combination, published by Birdies, shows animal printed slippers with red velvet. From party dresses to slippers, animal prints all over the souvenirs in front of the holiday shopping season. (Birdies from AP)


NEW YORK – This holiday seems to be all the gifts in animal prints. Zebra, leopard, giraffe, cheetah, tiger: Especially for women's clothing and accessories, print, type of goods and the price range and choose the distance you go.

Here are some suggestions for getting started:


Slippers, Meghan Markle and Birdies. Duchess is a fan and the company has a series of animal prints to choose from, including a pair of Italian flocked red velvet. $ 140.

There are seasons for the Sweater Sweater dresses, and there is one from Lands ve End which screams in black and white leopard. The longsleeve rollneck dress is a simple silhouette that allows you to do the talking in a mix of soft jacquard weave which aims to fall just above the knee or match it with the tights. Comfortable and comfortable. $ 89.95.

Andrea's stick from Sarah Flint was made in chocolate leopard. The front of the shoe is a little festive. Perfect for jeans. $ 295.

The interior of the beloved one in Zebra comes out for the wonders of Joan Jett. sells a hooded, insulated jacket that can be worn as an inner layer or alone. $ 100. Really bravely, check out the waterproof pants of the company's Gossip cover in the same design. $ 150.

Love before the gift. is full of designer vintage jewelery in countless animal prints including Michael Kors, Nicole Miller and Marc Jacobs' party attire. Navigate and dig around for DVF, Phillip Lim and Escada dresses, blouses, and shoes. Prices vary according to availability.

In cow, giraffe and leopard prints,'s descriptions are abundant. $ 28.

Vici Collection, camel, taupe and billow sleeves with a black cheetah printed blouse and black tassel tie collar with a cheetah print blouse ready to jump. $ 48.

J. Crew in the game. This leopard print made of calf hair is a hobo bag and offers Italian leather with knotted straps. $ 378.

The options are plentiful in the Naked Wardrobe, along with a high-waisted midi skirt, which can also be a crop top and a second skin. Aptly named Snake Bite Set. $ 48.


There's a blanket. It's called PediPocket. 6 meters of microfleece favor with a smart 20 inch foot pocket to keep these toughnesses nice and toasty. There are many prints and colors, including the classic cheetah. $ 59.99.

Multitask with mixed animal print Target Christmas socks and wine bags 10 piece set. It includes four socks, four wine bags and two gift bags with cheerful Santa Claus and snowman faces, you guessed it, the animal print hats you opened to store real gifts. Zebra, cheetah, leopard and tiger talking. $ 38.99.

Dooney & Burke went croc to handsome male dopp kit. Made of luxurious and patterned leather with zipper and blue lining. Name: Croco Dopp Kit. $ 168.

Animal print luggage is everywhere. The American Flyer sells five pieces of brave giraffe, zebra and leopard prints. is available for sale from $ 146.99 to $ 266.99.

For the right hipster man: A company in England, Run and Fly, makes skinny jean with five pockets, stretch in natural leopard print, with a mid-size waist. Search around if you want to honor a rock star. Amazon is also available for $ 44.95.

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