Friday , October 7 2022

Overweight workers earn less than their thinner colleagues


Overweight workers earn less than a thinner colleague, found a new LinkedIn survey. The results show that social prejudice about a person's weight can turn into wage disputes.

On average, LinkedIn found UK workers, who were classified as obese by body mass index, to be $ 2,500 a year lower than their counterparts with a healthy BMI (the ratio between a person's weight and height).

Researchers, the same weight between men and women is a gender-based wage difference, he said. Overweight and obese women have earned $ 11,500 less than overweight or obese men.

The workers also tied their perceptions of their weights to overall career development. Study found:

  • One of the four overweight people missed their job opportunities and promotions due to their weight.
  • One of the three obese workers felt the same way.
  • 43% of obese workers have said that their thinner colleagues are moving faster than their careers.
  • 28% of workers said they received annoying comments about the weights they received from their colleagues or managers in general.

Bu The LinkedIn community has a series of discussions and discussions on this issue, m said LinkedIn spokesman Ngaire Moyes. Moyes was horrified at this kind of discrimination in the workplace.

Üy We hope that more members will be encouraged to participate in the debate about how they affect themselves and how size deviation can be addressed, M Moyes said.

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