Saturday , July 31 2021

MPI: Biosafety champions on the agenda

Biosecurity New Zealand today announced the winners of the 2018 New Zealand Biosafety Awards.

The Southland Fiordland Maritime Highway Management Plan received the New Zealand Biosafety Supreme Award. The projects also received New Zealand Biosafety Eagle Technology Local and Central Management Award.

The Fiordland Maritime Highway Management Plan, the first of its kind in New Zealand, aims to protect one of New Zealand's most unique and nationally important areas from marine pests carried out on local and visiting ships.

Hükümet The New Zealand Biosafety Awards celebrate iD, environmental organizations, science providers, community groups, local, regional and central government agencies that are working hard to help protect Aotearoa from pests and diseases, luy said New Zealand's Biosecurity President, New Zealand. .

"Their great mahi is the foundation for keeping our biosecurity system strong and putting them in hard gardens every day to make sure we have a world-wide biosecurity system."

The winners of the awards include a wide range of interesting projects from New Zealand to the protection of the kiwi industry, to biosafety projects from Tauranga moana to biosafety excellence, to improve the results of the winter and to the development of innovative products such as portable shoe cleaning systems. It contained.

"This year saw a record number of high-caliber inputs, which was very challenging for the winners (under the direction of Dr John Hellstrom) to pick those winners," says Roger Smith. Said.

. These Rewards are an incredibly important opportunity because they provide a moment of break to take time to appreciate and honor important achievements in our biosecurity system.

The winners of the "New Zealand Biosafety Awards" show that biosecurity does not belong only to the New Zealand Biosafety Zone, and that they play a role in helping New Zealanders, Pests and diseases from entering New Zealand or stopping their spread if they come here. It takes us all to protect what we have, Roger Smith said.

The complete list of New Zealand Biosafety Awards winners:

New Zealand Biosafety Conservation Society Award – Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society

New Zealand Biosafety GIA Industry Award – Kiwifruit Suspended Health

New Zealand Biosafety Biological Heritage Competition Science Award – Scion: New Zealand Forest Research Institute

New Zealand Biosafety AsureQuality Rising Leader Award – Dr. Amanda Black

New Zealand Biosafety Te Puni Kå Kiri MÃ R tin Award – Te RÅ iri nanga o NgÄ i Te Rangi Iwi Trust

New Zealand Biosafety Eagle Technology Local and Central Management Award – Environment Southland

New Zealand Biosafety Mondiale Innovation Award – Jacson3 Limited

New Zealand Biosafety Supreme Award – Environment Southland

Minister's Biosafety Award – Greg Corbett

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