Saturday , July 31 2021

Mitsubishi Triton plug-in hybrid to go – Car News

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced that Triton pickup will soon be able to use plug-in hybrid technologies to compensate for firming emission regulations.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's strategy According to Vincent Cobee's vice president, an electric power train is inevitable for the light commercial vehicle range.

Kullanım What's very interesting when you look at the particularly attractive market is that you have extremely rigid, very professional use, low regulation markets that represent more than half the volume. The regulation environment between Euro 2 and Euro 4 is rising to 5 euros, Euro he said.

Ors And then, at the other end of the spectrum, you have a passenger transport market for Euro Europe, which is now on Euro 6 and is expected to be moved to Euro 7.

Gerekiyor In low regulatory environments, we have to deal with low operating costs, extremely durable, hard tools and we have to foresee an environment of extremely challenging emission regulation in Europe.

. If you think of the European environment, I think the 2025 will be a very difficult turning point to pass, in other words, we can foresee that the passenger cars will pass to the passenger car. The tax system and the Euro 7 will be challenging. "

Mitsubishi launched Triton as the fifth generation in 2014 and was recently updated with a modern exterior design and increased equipment levels.

Given the standard life cycle of a double cab utes, the hybrid system may enter the next generation Triton model.

Mitsubishi Outlander's environment The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) engine on the SUV will be updated to allow driving range of approximately 100 kilometers of emission, and is the only system that complies with Triton requirements in Mitsubishi's existing artillery. .

”Nowadays, the pickup market is mostly based on performance, durability, cost of ownership and durability, and today the answer is a frame base and diesel,“ he said.

M Today, PHEV technology has not reached an adequate level of cost performance or durability for easy installation.

Ece Your estimation (plug-in hybrid Triton) can be a fact by 2025, which means we will have to electrify these vehicles because there will be a limit to what conventional combustion engines can be. Provide, because the power, torque, pull will continue to demand.

, We can easily convince ourselves that there may be innovations to bring about a kind of electrification that brings endurance, reliability and uninterrupted concern. I think you will migrate to heavy and hard vehicles.

Gerekirse Just to be clear; towing, loading, maintenance, PHEV can accomplish anything, we just need to spend enough. "

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