Monday , January 25 2021

Medical community is fired back after the NRA has tweeted to "stay on the lane"

by Catherine Van, KATU News

The medical community and the National Rifle Association are fighting social media. This is followed by NRA tweeted doctors to "stay on their lanes" when it comes to gun rights debate.

Tweet is a medical journal published in the Annals last month, and claims that gun violence is a public health crisis, and that doctors play a role in reducing patients' gunshot wounds by training patients.

The NRA issued a response, criticizing the lack of evidence supporting the theory: "This position wonders if the authors have reviewed the evidence and found only work that meets their needs. [American College of Physicians] it clarifies one thing: they respect their own rights and views much more than the owners of lawful weapons. "

Thousands of medical experts responded with personal experiences of treating armed victims.

Some of them published graphic pictures pointing to a point.

Annals of Internal Medicine even replied:

Dr. OHSU. Esther Choo wrote an open letter explaining why the gun violence was on the "lane kal. The document was signed by more than 13,000 health professionals.

Richard Botterill worked on the other side of the bullet. An emergency room nurse at Providence Medical Center. He doesn't treat many armed victims anymore, but he says the stories will always stay with him.

"When people are shot, there is a lot of blood. When people are hit with attack weapons, it is not just a hole, it breaks things inside. There are big holes."

He says he understands both sides. He preys on weapons and owns them. He says that the increase in Twitter offers a point of view that many gun rights defenders have not seen or understood.

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