Wednesday , October 20 2021

Martin Devlin: We have to talk – did Blues finally deserve coaching?


Question: If the answer "seems so", what is the question?
Answer: In the end, did Blues justify the coaching question?

Yesterday, the announcement of Tana Umaga aside for Leon McDonald is not a big surprise, even though it has expired.

The more upside-down and pre-back-process, if you remember, re-commissioned Tana as Chief Coach in May to reduce her after only six months.

And this is a reduction. Don't make a mistake about it. In spite of the best PR efforts, which put Tana on the edge of the franchise, throwing away for the good of the franchise eller and the hands of those who want to continue their passion for the defensive side of the game 39, we all know that this is nothing. He made a secret attempt to have a softer landing than the shame he had been laid off prior to the commencement of his new contract.

And there's nothing wrong with that. I like Tana. Always there.

I'm not sure if he's worthy of being a Super Rugby Head Coach right now, but I also don't believe he's a bad coach.

What is impossible to understand is to explain why the blues board was reinstating before waiting for the season revisions to end. It challenges faith, logic, and all good business procedures.

Of course, one of these brains' confidence was waking up to show how it would make more sense to wait for these results, and then just make the most important decision about the franchise.

Anyways. Forget all this. At the end, file for me a great "whatever".

However, they are not as important as the fact that they are in the place where they are now.

I'll be back to the real question I asked: Has the result been finally correct?

And the answer is YES.

This new emerging coaching structure seems highly promising for Blues. A great combination of Leon, Tom and Tana.

The only names that are missing are Alama and Fleet.

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