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Lime scooters: All the answers needed for the latest transportation trend


Almost overnight, electric scooters have become visible everywhere in the streets and sidewalks in the United States.

Young people, tourists, young people, this trend of recent transportation, some of the corners, confusion, whether or not used as motor vehicles and can be used, was met with excitement for concentrating on the rules of use.

And they don't look like they'il soon be gone.

”A year ago I started a social experiment with a few scooters in the streets of Santa Monica, California, more people used them, more people used them,“ he said. and since then expanded to more than 75 countries in seven countries.

Love them or hate them, the scooters seem to be staying here, so we'll try to answer some of the most common questions we've received about them.

They're everywhere, but how did we get here?

Companies like Bird, Skip and Lime were among the first countries to scoot on the streets of the United States.

In the United States, they watched the frenzy of the hemp-free bike-sharing movement in 2017, equipped with colorful bikes, which could be hired by an application and dropped at the end of a trip. Some of these services remained after fighting vandalism, theft and city regulations.

Some companies that started by bicycle added scooters to their fleets.

E-scooters began to appear in spring in California in the spring and quickly expanded. Less than a year later, thousands of people are available for rent from Portland to New York.

Where can I find them?

The two largest providers, Bird and Lime, are located in more than 75 countries each in more than one country. In the United States, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, St. It covers major markets such as Louis, Detroit, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, Baltimore and Washington. Skip is a smaller operation, located on the scooter in Washington, Portland, San Francisco and Long Beach, California. It also tests service in San Jose and Oakland, California. Lyft recently started in Denver, Santa Monica and Washington.

How are they organized?

Most cities were unprepared for the arrival of scooters, and there was no regulation for them. Some places banned the service completely; in some cases, he was confronted with declined orders that reacted to the unannounced arrival of scooters and bikes.

Cities continue to set up rules to manage services, including fleet restrictions, fees, parking and speed requirements, where scooters are legal to drive. Seattle banned shared scooters until it examined the situation in other cities. Nashville earlier this year decided to take a cease-fire to accuse Bird of unauthorized use, but later approved the laws that allowed the scooters to return. San Francisco forced the scooter companies to shut down, but recently reopened the sector.

Scooters are subject to yaş Personal Mobility Device ı rules, which determine that they are motor vehicles and cannot be printed by anyone under 16 years of age.

Where can they be printed?

Most cities provide electric scooters on the road. Like bicycles, they are considered vehicles and can share the road with regular traffic. On the road, cyclists must obey the traffic laws. However, states and cities may have different rules and riders should check the rules of their jurisdiction.

Like bicycles, some cities allow the scooters to be used on sidewalks, and others do not.

For example, California law prohibits electric scooters on sidewalks. In Denver, scooters are only allowed on pavements and are not permitted to be used on the street. In the district, scooters can be used on sidewalks outside the central business district, which also includes the city center. The same applies to bicycles.

As a general rule, riders are encouraged to use existing or on-road bicycle lanes. Dare to ride on crowded sidewalks that can be dangerous.

How can I rent it and how much?

You can find a scooter for each company using the app, you can unlock and pay. Applications are available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Applications works similarly: Provides the location of the scooter near you and guides you through a leasing process. You will need a credit card. Most scooters in the city rented 1 dollar, plus 15 cents a minute for the start. In some cities, 20 cents per minute.

Are there conditions to rent and use a scooter?

Most companies require riders to be 18 years of age. These conditions are usually written on the scooter and / or included in the user agreement. Bird and Lime require users to scan their driver's licenses. Skip uses ID-scan technology to ensure that most riders meet the age requirements in the city.

Is there a security protocol and a helmet required?

Many cities do not need drivers to use helmets as in Washington, but companies are encouraging their use. Bird and Skip will mail helmets to the requesting users. For safety reasons, only one person at a time is allowed a scooter. Riders are encouraged to comply with all traffic laws, including signs and signals. While driving, use both hands and do not use headphones, so pay attention to your surroundings without distractions.

How is the scooter protected?

Companies assign personnel to control scooters on a daily basis, but failures and broken or attacked equipment reports are rising. Some firms have said they have increased the employment of maintenance and mechanical and specialist personnel. For example, the bird has recently hired a team called Birdwatchers, which scans every scooter, examines it against the maintenance checklist, and is trained to solve problems on the spot. Companies also say they are working on the delivery of a more robust scooter for everyday use – a more durable option than the first-generation scooters.

How fast can they go?

Most companies have set the speed limit at 15 mph on scooters. However, they call on the riders to comply with local regulations and to be careful. In the district, new regulations to take effect next year will require companies to set the maximum speed limit to 10 mph.

What is battery life?

Most shared scooters have a range of more than 30 miles and are designed to last throughout the day.

What are working hours?

Most scooters company collect scooters at night and return them to the streets in the morning to charge and repair when needed. Lime said his scooters were open 24/7. Every eight hours there are teams that pull scooters to rebalance.

Is it available in all weather conditions?

As winter approaches, some cities do not have scooters widely available. Companies can withdraw their fleets during severe weather and / or set up operations, he says. For example, during a snowstorm, scooters are expected to remain inactive. Company officials say they have decided on a case-by-case basis. Birds, Hurricanes stopped operations in cities affected by Florence and Michael. Lime, where the roads are very icy in the harsh winters, sometimes the scooters were redistributed to warmer regions, he said.

Where do you have to park them?

The key is to park in a responsible way. Some cities (and companies) begin to attack users who don't go anywhere after they finish. They also work on the pavements and on the pavements for bicycles and scooters. Some companies are working on geofencing technology, which prohibits riders from terminating their travel when they should not leave their vehicles. As a general rule, riders should never leave a pedestrian crossing, a carriageway or a scooter that will block building entrances or pedestrian crossings or bus and subway stops. Scooters should be parked perpendicularly.

What else do you expect to progress?

In the coming months, there may be more social discussion on scooter accessories, infrastructure to cope with personal mobility options, and more training campaigns for safer and more regular driving.

Within a few months, Lime launches a $ 3 million education and security campaign that includes ads, community benefits, and helmet distribution. Companies and cities should be better at educating road users on how to get together.

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