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Kiwi models go on Victoria's Secret podium


It is the most famous and most famous fashion show in the world, and three New Zealand models have joined one of the biggest names in Victoria's Secret circuit.

19-year-old Maia Cotton, Victoria's Secret. Georgia Fowler, 26, returned to the show for the third consecutive year and starred 28-year-old Stella Maxwell, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid as well as the fifth. Adriana Lima – was on the podium for the 19th and last time.

Cotton, which is u discovered ild by Instagram & # 39; 14, announced that 50 models were chosen because they were simply 'undefined'.

On the right, Stella Maxwell walks the track at Rita Ora's stage show in New York, on the 94, 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.


On the right, Stella Maxwell walks the track at Rita Ora's stage show in New York, on the 94, 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

”I never could have imagined that my craziest dreams would allow me to authorize a show of life,” he said in an Instagram article in September.

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Diversity on NZ Victoria's Secret Model Georgia Fowler

The preparation for the show, including the start of a complex drill smoothie with a personal trainer, is included in the preparation for the show.

"For breakfast, one cup of marzipan, one cup of sugar-free almond milk, the juice of the moon, the chocolate-adaptogenic protein and a dipper peptide collagen peptide," he said Husski to.

Cotton, his father's artist Shane Cotton, also shared a series of weekly stories. The story showed last minute preparations, including a cryotherapy session. 24K Pure Gold mask with time at an oxygen bar, and the famous esthetician Mimi Luzon with the body (to lower it to zero as a clock in the gym) (priced at $ 520 on the website).

Georgia-born Georgia Fowler host of Auckland Project Runways NZDespite constant work involved in travel to six cities in the past 11 days, the gym has made its daily after confirmed, instead of having published his exhausting pre-show gym workout videos.

”I usually practice, but there's no excuse for the last lead and no days, antrenman he said.

"I was jumping into flights and landings, and I still had to take myself to the gym" because at the end of the day, no one does this for you, and you'll be seen by 1.4. billion people. "

Fowler, with his personal trainer in New York City, worked two hours a day, usually in a pilates or boxing class or in a race, and was very strict with the show-led diet.

“I'm already very healthy. I'm eating all the food, it's unprocessed. Bütün

"But I can eat all the alcohol, sugar and milk until the show and eat a lot of fat, such as avocado, hazelnut, salmon and greens.

"I'm just connected to it and I think you should treat yourself after the show. The deprivation is the worst because you can't stay connected to it."

Now having five Victoria's Secret shows under her belt, Stella Maxwell had the most spectacular ensembles of three New Zealand models this year, and at some point in the show was captured by Rita Ora.

In a relationship with actor Kristen Stewart, Maxwell announced the support of the controversial show. Glamor magazine Being Victoria's Secret Angel was an empowering role and helped create his trust.

"For me, it gives me the power to walk down a track in my underwear! The message I want to send is that women are sexy. There are girls from all over the world.

"I take the same excitement as I did for the first time. It doesn't. You trust more every year."

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