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In the video game Grand Theft Auto V, players are stealing cars and robbing banks. In the real world, owners are attacking players who are hacking the game itself.

For a man in Melbourne, this door ended in a surprise shot.

On the morning of the 25th of September, Christopher Anderson, known also for multiple online aliases, ransacked her home and some of her computers were seized.

The action was taken by lawyers acting for the Grand Theft Auto V producer Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games.

Mr Anderson's assets, frozen by order of the Federal Court, had saved reasonable legal and living costs – leaving, more food substitution Aussielent said he would continue to survive.

It has also been deprived of developing or distributing alleged fraud software known as "Exquisite".

Among many

Talking to Mr. Anderson, who is in his 40s, feels like surfing the web.

Each question is handled as an online search query; From the book of Fahrenheit 451 or Ronald Reagan, there are many possible answers alongside quotations from time to time.

Faced with a copyright infringement case brought by Take-Two, you are faced with a bored voice.

Mr Anderson is currently a lawyer and is not making a defense yet.

He's not alone.

In the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia in 2018, Take-Two took legislative steps against the alleged manufacturers of modification software or ı mode menus Devlet and sent ceasefire notifications to others.

This adds that the company has at least five people associated with "Infamous", plus the others are linked to mod menus like "Elusive" and "Absolute".

In a statement, Take-Two confirmed that he was acting against people selling multiplayer trick software.

"Cheating software not only gives individuals an unfair advantage, but also interferes with other users' gaming," a spokesman said.

Pay for super powers

Even among the players, the mod menus are controversial. In his name, Mr Anderson said that he helped protect the players from more malicious tricks like antivirus software.

According to Alex Walker, editor of the game site Kotaku Australia, there is a certain culture of & modding editör around Grand Theft Auto.

Players can change how the game changes with colored additions such as Marvel comic book characters.

But in the multiplayer online version of the game, Mr. Walker explained, the mod menus can use the game code to choose a player at the expense of other players.

According to Mr. Anderson, "the operation of the mill mode menu" can effectively give super power to the player who uses it.

"You can manipulate this game environment to some extent and you can create a virtual currency depending on the complexity of the mode."

Players who use Infamous may, in turn, issue in-game money to complete their tasks or purchase them from the developer.

And these advantages did not come for free. From time to time, players bought Infamous up to $ 40 ($ 55).

For manufacturers that offer their in-game purchases, such unofficial projects are clearly evident.

Take-Two, in its 2018 financial report, wrote that "deception" programs could "negatively affect the volume of micro-transfers or downloadable content purchases".

In the report, he added that the in-game expenses in the game now account for about 42 percent of the net income.

In In-game purchases are used as part of their business model, alım said Mitch Stoltz, senior lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in San Francisco.

A culture clash

The challenge of game companies to modify their intellectual property and how to do this is not unique to Take-Two.

Blizzard, producer of World of Warcraft, has successfully sued the moderators to violate the user license agreement.

A popular title, Fortnite was also a confusing move after starting a legal action against a 14-year-old boy in North Carolina after cheating.

Some reviewers have argued that this copyright law is the best way to control the tricks, and from time to time Rockstar's approached modifications with a lighter touch – especially in single-player modes that didn't affect other players.

After sending a ceasefire and postponement letter to the creator of a popular modeling tool in 2017, the company believes in, reasonable fan creativity 201 and will not take legal action against non-commercial projects.

There is also uncertainty about where consumer protection ends and the rights of copyright holders begin.

Nicolas Suzor, a law and digital media researcher at Queensland University of Technology, said that major publishers often used copyright and contract law to squeeze cheating developers, but their claims have rarely been tested in court.

For example, in September, Take-Two sued an Australian man who said he was infringing the company's copyrights and violated the license agreement by creating other Grand Theft Auto V mode menus.

Not being convicted

Suzor said it was not common to use search and seizure orders in copyright cases. But he believes it to be relevant, to obtain them in a closed court trial without the accused.

”There is a disturbing tendency in copyright cases where copyright holders are using heavily pre-trial discovery techniques to try to capture their assets,“ he said.

Grant McAvaney, general manager of the Australian Copyright Council, admitted that search warranties were a tough approach, but argued that the courts were reluctant to do so unless there was a risk of extinction among other concerns.

”It's pretty heavy, there's no doubt about that,“ he said.

"There is also a suggestion that these modes are sold to the people, so the court will be less sympathetic to people in such situations."

Along with Anderson, the search warrants were also applied to a man in Glasgow, Glasgow in September. Computer hardware was captured because of its contributions to a mode menu called "Absolute".

The 21-year-old, who didn't want to be named, said in an e-mail that the pressure was "pretty unnecessary".

As more cases are reached in court, Mr. Stoltz from the EFF said the arguments could push the limits of what the law could do.

"A cheat code does not change the game permanently."

The Take-Two edition of the mod menus comes in the first three days of the release of the latest blockbuster, Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39, which won $ 725 million.

Grand Theft Auto V, believed to be the most lucrative video game of all time, sold more than $ 1 billion in the first three days for sale in 2013.

But when these games are in the world, players are taken over. And for now, "mods" follows.

Mr. Anderson's trial continues.

This article was drafted with the Australian Bureau of The New York Times.

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