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Google's latest phone is a piece of paper

You can't take a selfie on Google's latest phone. He won't even call.

Just a few pieces of information printed at home and a piece of paper folded into a rectangle. He can hold a credit card with a few scissors.

Paper Phone is part of the package of "digital welfare experiments", which the company aims to give users "digital detox". The same week Google launched its latest phone: Pixel 4 with built-in radar technology that can be controlled by user gestures.

Google & # 39; s Paper Phone has created a chained feeling on your phone, as well as a number of offers that are trying to attract the attention of an audience that is tired of the ever-expanding technology in our lives.

Google and Special Projects paper phone system.

Special Projects

Google and Special Projects paper phone system.

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Health advocates recommend that you put your phone in the other room while you sleep.

When participants leave their technologies throughout the day, there is a move towards "No-Tech Sundays". Resorts, beginners and wellness gurus rely on the trend of plug-in travel with a variety of digital detox activities.

There's even a "National Landing Day".

The Paper Phone project is also an open source experiment that includes a phone wallpaper that counts how much a user unlocks his device, and an "uninhabited island" program that allows users to access their most important applications for just 24 hours. watches.

Creative We hope these experiments will inspire developers and designers to maximize digital prosperity while creating technology, Em said Emma Turpin, leader of the Google Creative Lab team.

Part of the plug-in movement comes from research into the effects of technology on our health.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization published new screen time guidelines for parents, based on research that identified behavioral and developmental problems in children who spent hours in front of the screen. Other research has found links between smartphone use and anxiety.

Tanya Goodin, a London-based gospel of digital welfare, says Google's project reminds Big Tobacco to keep consumers as customers with low tar cigarettes for their health.

Yerine Instead of children's games, they have to seriously look at the rats in this big Silicon Valley experiment, Good Goodin said.

Gerçeği The fact that we can't leave technology is precisely because of what these companies have been doing for years. ”

A paper phone is being printed.

Special Projects

A paper phone is being printed.

Former Google design agent Tristan Harris, originally named Time Well Spent and now known as Humane Technology Center, has launched a non-profit technology ethics.

Harris argued that the technology industry is engaged in a yarış race at the bottom of the brain stem ve and that this technology design should develop in a way that does not jeopardize humanity.

The concept of zaman time spent is good alınmış has been widely referenced by Silicon Valley executives, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

At a company event last week, Zuckerberg told Flipboard editor Ken Yeung, according to a tweet, that he used his team to maximize time spent instead of optimizing meaningful interactions between users on the platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared last week before a hearing at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared last week before a hearing at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Paper Phone is not Google's first attempt to use paper products to explore the digital world.

In 2014, the company introduced Google Cardboard, a way to see virtual reality applications on a smartphone. Google said it sent 5 million pairs of low-tech glasses in 19 months.

Anthony Ramirez, an internet browser at the Chicago Public Library, tweeted the approval of Google's recent pressure on the two-dimensional world.

“I'm all about minimalism and it feels like an art project in a fantastic and accurate way,” he said.

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