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Games reviews – Red Dead Redemption 2, Tetris Effect and Hitman 2


November continues with plenty of game for review and challenge for the tough Christmas market.

However Rockstar Games wiped out the competition with the latest version.

Red Dead Redemption 2 ★★★★ ½

It is an understatement to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cinematic game.


It is an understatement to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cinematic game.

Say Red Dead Atonement 2 A cinematic game is an understatement.

It is clear that every detail appears again and again when determining this Westerne on the right path, and given that, according to those reported on teams working more than 100 hours per week, this game, after an illegal robbery of Arthur Morgan, regardless of whether it is right or wrong. In 1899, Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, found himself completing the story of excellence.

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Early visuals, such as a snowstorm, and the interaction within people are just incredibly impressive. Arthur has plenty of control – they need to maintain their nutrition, endurance, and remain healthy.

Although it is realistic for the game, it is based on a basing (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas), which makes you keep the protagonist alive and reminds you to stop playing.

Visually, the game is impressive at all levels from authentic cinemas to changing cameras in scenes that make you feel like you're in the Sergio Leone movie, there's a lot to be amazed at. Rockstar Games has been built on the success of previous titles such as Grand Theft Auto, and has created almost a video game cinema experience that will continue to impress throughout the years to come.

Tetris Effect ★★★★

Tetris is more psychedelic, but still addictive as hell.


Tetris is more psychedelic, but still addictive as hell.

Tetris's return to Tetris: The effect sounds like a loving tribute to the game that has absorbed much of our lives for over 30 years.

But in many ways, this one was set on a trembling array of Tetris, psychedelic images washed in an Ibiza Chill-out album, and then locked into a flotation tank via the Sound Shapes game, which contains music and rhythm.

However, each level is also blessed with a series of moving effects around the central game in the center of the screen. A more interesting effect in the VR environment, however, is of no use when on a normal screen. In fact, as a relaxed soundtrack emerges, images are absorbing, reflecting the nature of what you do.

This is a sensory attack in many ways – on the other hand, the rotating shapes, the creatures growing around the edges of the game, the pulsing, the samovar and the growing digital spots as the levels rise, and the more your game evolves.

Ultimately, Tetris Effect is a trippy update of the past, a clever nuisance to the future, and a game that never sees what the original Tetris has left an evil knotty game.

Hitman 2 ★★★

IO Interactive & # 39; s Hitman 2 's Hawke & # 39; s Bay ...


IO Interactive & # 39; s Hitman 2 's Hawke & # 39; s Bay …

Agent 47 is back.

The previous play divided the pranksters of 47 into episodes, which gained time to make the excitement of planning and death real.

This last feels a bit episodic, in fact, since you can choose where to go after the first task. It's strange to report that the whole game was released at the same time.

This time Agent 47 hunts Shadow Client & its shadowy group and sets a collision course with its history. Starting from the sandy shores of Hawke's Bay, the world continues its trotting mission with the missions that lead 47 to Mumbai, Colombia and other parts of Europe.

Hitman 2 works in some ways and fails in others.

But to a great extent, it's as fun as you want to do. Again, this is not a game for patience and if you don't want to plan, throw traps and get rewards, it's probably best to go somewhere else. However, monitoring the disintegration of goals, progressing closer to their execution, can provide grave excitement.

The New Zealand opener in Hawke's Dark is the piece; The location can be anywhere, but this is a nice pessimist to set the tone of conspiracy, and the coast front zone really means you need to plan something to escape.

That's what's happening with Hitman 2; It's as complex as you'd like to do.

Hitman 2 does exactly what he writes on tin; There are also multiplayer propositions and the return of difficult targets. But in a very busy season to stand out from the crowd, Hitman shoots his 2 shot, but he doesn't hit a bullsman for another. Fans of the ongoing story of Agent 47.

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