Saturday , January 16 2021

Emergency alert test expected to reach half of all mobile phones – Brinkwire

A nationwide test of the emergency mobile alert system will be carried out later this month.

The warning will be sent to mobile phones on Sunday, November 25 at 18:00 to 19:00.

Civil Defense said he expects half of all mobile phones to be alerted.

A similar test last November, about one-third of all mobile phones.

Sarah Stuart-Black, director of the Civil Defense Ministry and Emergency Management, said the system helped ensure that the annual test is working effectively, enabling the public to learn about what they expect and how they work.

”We are able to test our systems, cell towers and the ability of your phone to receive Emergency Mobile Alert by applying this test and asking users to be aware of the alerts,“ he said.

Tır It's just a test, but when there are emergencies, Emergency Mobile Alert will be a vital channel to keep our communities safe.

”Not all phones are currently receiving alerts, so we need to look at each other: If you get a warning, tell your neighbors, friends, colleagues.“

The system can geographically target areas and is not affected by network congestion.

Çalış Last year's nationwide testing wasn't very valuable to spread the awareness of the system, but also to highlight issues with some handheld devices, so we can work with manufacturers, test said Stuart-Black.

The test alert message will include a link to the Civil Defense website, where recipients can fill out a survey to help further improve the system.

Learn more about Emergency Mobile Alerts on the Civil Defense website, including whether your mobile phone is compatible.

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