Thursday , June 30 2022

Bullitt on the Isle of Man Mountain Road


The Isle of Man TT Festival is one of the world's most famous motor sport festivals. Every year, more than two weeks, the biggest motorcyclists have 30 million fans to see that they've tested their skills in the "Mountain Course". But you don't have to be on two wheels to get the most out of Mountain Road, one of the best driving routes in Europe.

For Ford's latest film Ford's last film featuring Ford's hidden jewels for drivers and travelers, journalist Steve Sutcliffe has been behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang Bullitt on the island, where many roads are not limited to speed limits. (Although there are still laws against careless and dangerous driving)

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"Imagine the German highways, then add hills and folds, and narrow it down to a single car road with incredible sights and fantastic, dramatic and dramatic roads." "The Mountain Road feels – and – a highly dramatic place for driving. It's epic, and not anywhere else different"

The mountain itself is as unique as the only place where you can see the four countries that make up England: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And regardless of the opportunity to ride quickly, you can enjoy the slowing and incredible views as well as the local hospitality.

"Food and drink is excellent, almost everywhere on the island," said Sutcliffe. "You can go there for the excitement of driving one of the most famous roads in Europe, but this is the people, the food and the landscapes that will unite your sorrow for taking home."

The ninth film in the series includes everything from a Ford GT super car along the stunning Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway to a Fiesta ST in Italy, almost empty on Via Campocatino. The Mountain Road, rated according to factors including excitement factor, food and road surface, achieved the highest score in this series.

Ford Mustang Bullitt, the new special edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Warner Bros. of the same name, can be ordered in Europe with an advanced version of Ford's 5.00 liter V8 engine, providing 460 PS and 529 Nm of torque.

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