Wednesday , December 2 2020

ANZ and BNZ participate in Pride Parade's list of companies supporting organizers with a police uniform ban | NOW 1 NEWS

The organizers of the Auckland Pride Parade continue to confront their controversial decisions that prohibit police officers from acting in uniform – today, "more than company sponsors or government agencies."

The decision to ban the uniformed officers is divided into the rainbow community.
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The police were told to walk unless they were in uniform.

However, more organizations continue to protest participation in the protest and put the entire event at risk.

This afternoon, BNZ said, moving away from the parade, "today the Pride @ BNZ network has decided not to participate in the 2019 Auckland Pride Parade and will participate in the Pride Festival in other ways".

. Considering the clashes surrounding the 2019 march, we no longer trust our Pride Network to be a positive experience, “ANZ said.

A few minutes after the Auckland Pride Board of Directors' statement, the company's "Rainbow Whānau" joined the Vodafone, which announced that the LGBTQI + network would not be available next year.

The Rainbow Whānau group, "However, we are hopeful that the board will change their minds, and this spirit of optimism continues with our plans to be there that day." Said. "We will be the first to congratulate and congratulate the Board of Directors if our hope is fulfilled and if the ban is lifted, they are willing to listen and respond to the call that calls for the gathering.

"If not, unfortunately we cannot walk in February."

Yesterday, Ponsonby Collaboration and Rainbow New Zealand Charity Foundation received support from the resolution.

Forbidden, an Auckland Pride board member has stepped in to protest.

However, advocates of the uniform prohibition pointed to historical antagonism and between the police and the gay community. The Pride Executive Board said the resolution "supports providing a space for our Rainbow communities to make their sexes and sexual identities feel safe."

"Unfortunately, institutions such as the Police failed to reach consensus with the Pride Board, despite several months of talks with the community, which stressed the need for more work to make participants feel safe with the presence of the police in the parade." The board reiterated today.

"We continue to find a common ground with the institutions that work to ensure that they are completely within the Rainbow, but they have not yet reached this point. A real deception by our institutions against our society listens to the affected members and compromises where possible.

"If members of our community highlight these organizations' concerns about discrimination, we expect them to work to address them, and this may involve making concessions about their participation in Pride Parades."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was one of those who walked in the sixth annual Pride Parade.
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However, many organizations that have participated previously said that the exclusion is not the answer.

Vodafone Rainbow Whānau said in a statement today, "In this case, opposing the police is the right thing to do, as we do with any outside group and insist on the participation of everyone." Said. . We cannot participate in an event that imposes different rules for different groups and acts against the chaos.

Inin We don't disregard or disrespect the concerns of some rainbow communities that have bad experiences with rainbow, but we're also echoing the emotions of the Human Rights Commission and others applauding for the steps taken by the police. Including the addition, was taken to feel safe and involved. "

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