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You should immediately remove these 17 apps from the App Store.

Although there are a few applications that make your life much more exciting and enjoyable, unfortunately there are applications that do the opposite. While app stores, such as Apple's App Store, take measures to prevent suspicious apps, they sometimes pass the test.

Security firm Wandera announced last Thursday that 17 applications in the App Store will be infected with clicker trojan malware. Infected applications are often used to engage in advertising fraud by connecting to ad networks or websites.

Make money with fake clicks

As we know, online advertising can make a lot of money. For example, you can save money by directing visitors to advertisers on a site or website. And that's exactly what infected App Store apps do, but the user can't.

iPhone App Store
Source: Unsplash / Sara Kurfeß

Suspicious programs from the App Store

Meanwhile, Apple has removed fake apps from the App Store, but of course you can have one of the 17 suspicious apps on your smartphone or tablet. These include: Location Locator around me, BMI Calculator – BMR Calculator, CrickOne – Live Cricket Scores, Daily Sports – Yoga Poses, Binary Accounts, Easy Contacts Backup Manager, EMI Calculator and Credit Planner, File Manager – Documents, FM Radio – Internet Radio, Islamic World – Qibla, Train Information – IRCTC & PNR, Ramadan Times 2019, Restaurant Finder – Find Food, RTO Vehicle Info, Smart GPS Speedometer, Smart Video Compressor and Video Editor – Mute Video.

Also personal information?

In the first example, applications seem to be not doing very bad things for users themselves. Still, some "advertising" fraud may be a bit more serious. For example, all 17 applications communicate with the same server; this is the same server that plays a role in suspicious Android applications. When it comes to Android apps, information about the user is unfortunately sent to the server, such as the device used, the country from which the user came from, and various configuration details. Wandera researchers have so far failed to decrypt the encryption of communications with the server.

There are suspicious and fun apps in the App Store, as well as paid and free apps. If you're ready for some new games, these are the five most popular free games in the App Store.


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You should immediately remove these 17 apps from the App Store.

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