Wednesday , October 20 2021

Wright and Cross eliminated in the second round in Grand Slam or Darts | NOW


Peter Wright and Rob Cross were eliminated in the second round of the Great Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton on Wednesday. The number two Scottish and world number three lost Simon Whitlock (10-6) and Mensur Suljovic (10-7), respectively.

Wright flew Whitlock away from him, but was unable to return to Australia.

The finalist, who lost last year, found the same average with Whitlock (94,85 & num; 93,86), but the pair was a bit farther (31.58 to 40).

The cross began extremely weakly against Suljovic and caused a clearness of 5-1 – which kept him lagging behind events.

The prevailing world champion still had the chance to make it 5 – 5, but when he didn't use it, his game collapsed like a cards house.

Cross, a low average of 92.23 points for his business and 26.92 percent of the total percentage of fully requested.

Van den Bergh with nine strokes

Whitlock and Suljovic beat against Gerwyn Price (10-5 against Josh Payne) and Dimitri Van den Bergh (10-6 against Stephen Bunting), respectively.

Van den Bergh scored nine against Bunting. She finished the perfect leg on the fifteenth leg with two successive 180s and 141 calendars (triple 20, triple 19 and even 12) with a score of 8-6.

The 24-year-old youth world champion was unable to get a really bad level for the rest and almost the entire match was under ninety.

Van den Bergh and Bunting went to 4-4, but our southern neighbor rushed forward and eventually made the nickname e DreamMaker güney with his first nine-league.

Van den Bergh also scored a ninth kick as the fourth player in the Darts Grand Slam. James Wade (2008) followed the footsteps of Kim Huybrechts (2014) and Dave Chisnall (2015).

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