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Vos, Worst and Van de Steene pioneered dance with women in cyclocross


Now the road season is almost over and cyclocross is becoming increasingly prominent Cycling Flash A weekly summary at a glance in the three most important categories: World Cup, Super Reward and DVV Insurance Coupon. Starting with women is the place where Marianne Vos and the surprising Annemarie Worst and Kim Van de Steene pioneered classifications with women.

World Cup
He had three rounds in the World Cup and he was led by Marianne Vos. The Dutch won the engines from Waterloo and Bern. He was third in Iowa. This gives her a leading position in the regular classification. World champion Sanne Cant temporarily second, Kaitlin Keough. Annemarie Worst arrives at number twenty in her second position in Bern.

The scene in Bern – photo:

The first three, 80, 70 and 65 points will be assigned to the World Cup stand. Four (60), five (55) and six (50) numbers also receive many points. The number seven to eleven is 48, 46, 44, 42 and 40, respectively. Then the place goes back one point.

23/09 – flag-usa Waterloo – Marianne Vos
29/09 – flag-usa Iowa – Kaitlin Keough
21/10 – flag-chan Bern – Marianne Vos

Stop after three engines:
one. flag-nl Marianne Vos – 225 points
2nd. flag Sanne Cant – 157 points
3. flag-usa Kaitlin Keough – 154 points
4. flag Ellen van Loy – 138 points
5. flag Loves Sels – 131 points
6. flag-gb Evie Richards – 130 points
7. flag-nl Sophie de Boer – 129 points
8. flag-it Eva Lechner – 129 points
9. flag-cz Katerina Nash – 113 points
10. flag-usa Ellen Noble – 109 points

Remaining program:
17/11 – flag-cz tabor
25/11 – flag Koksijde
23/12 – flag Namur
26/12 – flag Heusden-Zolder
20/01 – flag-fr Pontchateau
27/01 – flag-nl Hoogerheide

Super prestige
Superprestige Vos is approaching the podium even though it jumps on the Boom. The leader in Superprestige is still in the hands of Worst, who is surprisingly strong after three rounds. The rider from the Nunspeet, who came from Ruddervoorde in the cross, appeared again, he was behind an unattainable Fox. In the first 3 of the rankings, in terms of order, the small run out of Worst opponents.

Scoring in Superprestige is very simple, fifteen points for the winner and a point less for a position lower up to fifteen.

The scene in Ruddervoorde – photo:

14/10 – flag-nl Casting – Annemarie Bad
20/10 – flag Boom – Kim Van De Steene
28/10 – flag Ruddervoorde – Marianne Vos

Stop after three engines:
one. flag-nl Annemarie Bad – 42 points
2nd. flag-it Alice Maria Arzuffi – 36 points
3. flag Sanne Cant – 32 points
4. flag-nl Marianne Vos – 29 points
5. flag Kim Van De Steene – 28 points
6. flag Ellen Van Loy – 25 points
7. flag-nl Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado – 25 points
8. flag-nl Maud Kaptheijns – 24 points
9. flag-nl Denise Betsema – 22 points
10. flag-usa Ellen Anderson – 16 points

Remaining program:
11/11 – flag Gavere
16/12 – flag zonhoven
30/12 – flag Diegem
10/02 – flag Hoogstraten
16/02 – flag Middelkerke

DVV Insurance Coupon
In the DVV Insurance Cup, the first cross-country was won by Kim Van de Steene. The Belgian passed as fast as Koppenberg and could stay away from its rivals. Alice was again a second place for Maria Arzuffi. Annemarie Worst completed the stage at Oudenaarde.

The scene in Oudenaarde – photo:

The classification in the DVV Insurance Cup is made on a time basis equal to a class in a stage race. In addition, you may lose up to five minutes. Not to start with a cross also produces five minutes of malus.

01/11 – flag Koppenbergcross – Kim Van de Steene

Stop after an engine:
one. flag Kim Van De Steene in the 47m24s
2nd. flag-it Alice Maria Arzuffi + 21s
3. flag-nl Annemarie Bad + 27s
4. flag Ellen Van Loy + 47s
5. flag-nl Geerte Hoeke + 52s
6. flag Sanne Cant + 58s
7. flag-gb Nikki Brammeier + 1m16s
8. flag-gb Helen Wyman + 1m22s
9. flag-it Eva Lechner + 1m36s
10. flag-usa Ellen Anderson + 1m46s

10/11 – flag Cross the annual market
18/11 – flag Flandrien Cross
15/12 – flag Scheldecross
28/12 – flag Azencross
01/01 – flag GP Sven Nys
06/01 – flag Brussels Universities Cyclo-cross Brussels
09/02 – flag Krawatencross

Next week, Saturday will be a cross at Niel, where the second round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy is on the program. On Sunday, Gavere's SP-Cross is on the fourth round of Superprestige.

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