Friday , May 20 2022

VolkerWessels throws disloyalty on the paddle: We need a new mix of tender teams & # 39;


This is what CEO Jan de Ruiter said about Thursday morning to announce a temporary commercial message. "We'll keep recording for big jobs, but we'll be more picky." The constructor no longer sees potential for infrastructure assignments responsible for design, construction, financing and long-term maintenance (DBFM).

Only 10 percent successful in auctions

VolkerWessels will continue to take this step, moreover, already cautiously said, because the company has lost a lot of money in recent years to register for contracts. The construction company recently received only 10 to 15 percent of the orders, whereas in 2014/2015 25 percent of the tenders were successful. The company, together with the losses that need to be collected in Zeesluis IJmuiden, ensures that the infrat is significantly behind the rest of the sections.

"We can conclude that our Infradivision is not a sustainable business model," de Ruiter said. Said.

No redundancy, but shift

That's why VolkerWessels will throw the infra type on the paddle. No man is fired because, like many other builders, VolkerWessels desperately needs his squad, but this is the pek repositioning Vol of the division. This means that it will be pushed within the organization. "We need a different mix of procurement teams," De Ruiter said. These renovations will take several months and include costs.

Also interview with Rijkswaterstaat

By the way, VolkerWessels speaks with Rijkswaterstaat in tender matters. According to the builder, not much on the price, too much on quality. And this is not a good approach, according to the CEO, because in the end no one will ever wash in tasks that last longer and become more expensive.

For example, VolkerWessels once again had to collect a loss in the marine locking project in IJmuiden. This time it's just & # 39; 5,5 million euros. VolkerWessels already wrote before Millions in OpenIJLike the same business partner BAM. VolkerWessels for extra costs this year already 37.5 million euros.

& # 39; Always have a risk chance & # 39;

CEO De Ruiter could not promise whether the project had the last unforeseen costs. "It's impossible to predict. The risks are always left. We've now done 60% of the project and we're already on a very remote road, but not all risks have disappeared."

On Thursday morning, De Locker said that the sea-locking project by chance incurred not only serious material damage for VolkerWessels, but also a significant impact on the internal organization. "People dare to take decisions less quickly because of fear of making mistakes, so repositioning our division is also important."

Repositioning already started

Repositioning began earlier this year, when infrastructure manager Henri van der Kamp & # 39; s and their duties were taken over by Alfred Vos.

With the new policy, VolkerWessels hopes to succeed again in the infra division around 2020. . We're going to take this infestation back in order, I'm sure of it.

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