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The youngsters of the Animals Party "worry" about cancellations

Unreliable. Liar. Youth organization PINK! & # 39; Animals Party at the conference & # 39; Hard words fell on him. Especially Saturday night, when the PEMK youth meet in the absence of the main party executives. The cancellation of party leader Sebastiaan Wolswinkel is preoccupied. Was the wool store suspended due to media descriptions? Must be Niko Koffeman [een van oprichters van de PvdD]. Those who responded intensively to Wolswinkel's statements in the media and who were not dismissed were asked questions from the audience.

Congress was closed, media was not welcomed. However, according to the existing ones, there was much criticism about the way the party put aside Wolswinkel. I was told that the party administration was working incorrectly. Those people lied. PINK at the congress as Wolswinkel, Member, Animals Party & # 39; s board is not so smart, he said. Wolswinkel was just one person on a board of sixteen – why were they afraid?

The atmosphere in the youth congress is an indication of the party's crisis. Mutual distrust exists, members complain of fear culture.

Too much emotion, especially anger

This turned out to be the case at a closed meeting for eighty elected representatives of the party in Utrecht three days after the decision to leave Wolswinkel on Friday before the autumn holiday. That evening, there was anger, doubt and too much emotion, especially if he had wanted to explain this decision.

But how much can the board members really trust? The board received an email the previous evening, which was unexpectedly signed by 50 "troubled" party members as names and names. It was illegal with the news of the cancellation of Wolswinkels. And the board needs to account for a special conference.

At that time, the board had no idea how widely the call was received within the party and whether the members of parliament supported it. The atmosphere became emotional when the audience asked questions about a dominant “culture of fear içindeki within the party. "We are not your enemies," he said.

The cancellation was a radical event, the party board then made a sincere statement to all members. "A decision made after months of long discussions with the president."

This is a statement that does not fully cover the charged atmosphere of the meeting. Because there were indeed representatives of people in Utrecht who sympathized with the troubled party members at that meeting. Kim then signed the petition for a private party congress.

Success has a price

Since the parliamentary elections in 2017, the party has had successive elections and the number of its members has risen to 18,000. However, this success seems to have a price.

The 50 signatures in the first post are now more than 400. And the throne doesn't even know who they are. Only a few lawyers know the names and duties of the signers. One of these initiators, Melinda Hutters, confirmed that the petition was supported throughout the party. According to him, about 10 percent of signatories have a function within the party: from municipal councils to group staff.

And with or without fear of culture, the leading signatories are not willing to make it clear. Like Anke Bakker, a member of the Amsterdam city council. It plays an important role in the internal correspondence of “troubled party members ği that this newspaper has access to. But he doesn't want to do it in public. "I will not approve or deny it, diy he asked.

Party counterpart, Nijmegen party leader Michelle van Doorn has no problem with this. He thinks that with the cancellation of Wolswinkel, brute weapons, "probably brute weapons" are being used. Üy Members should be able to participate in the discussion on a difficult decision, diy he says.

The party board, meanwhile, went on a flight. There will be a party congress in January and a discussion with the delegation of "troubled members" this week.

The wave of cancellations in recent months is also the party and youth organization PINK! suppress. This began when Femke Merel van Kooten, a member of the House of Representatives, left the group and began the Assembly for himself. PINK's vice president, Angelo Delsen, as policy adviser. Her husband Van Kooten and Delsen, who helped her as a free worker at the Lower House, were later fired by the party board. But to the displeasure of the main party, Delsen was not accepted by PINK! just like Wolswinkel, who was rejected by the Party for the Animals, who spoke at the youth congress.

Wood Crash and PINK Delegation

Therefore, it is located in the congress center of Utrecht, with the board PINK! Stuck between his delegation. Because one of the signers in this email from that day was PINK secretary Katalin Clarijs! These members sometimes wanted to know the board members, it was a PINK initiative! And have they realized how much such an action has done to the party? Pink! Chairman Benjamin van Sterkenburg helped them to get out of their dreams: it wasn't their initiative, but they were members from all over the party.

The party board has until the congress in January to neutralize the internal crisis. Especially to find out how big the opposition really is. Many signatories confirmed that they wanted to remain anonymous in order not to jeopardize their party career. Initiator Hutters said the true sympathizer size was greater than 400 signatures. Orum I'm getting signals that real support is much bigger. But people are afraid. Lose functions or get fired. "

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